Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yeah, I said Handmade only Yesterday...

Yeah, I said handmade yesterday, but books are off the hook. You can get your loved ones a library card. Open the door to new worlds. Lame you say? Well, new worlds, and the card which in turn can get them a discount at many, many fine businesses ok, maybe just one, but it's worth the discount. It's true. Well, at least in the Kalamazoo Area.

Top Secret Library Discount!!! With a Portage/Vicksburg/Kalamazoo Library Card you can get 1/2 off your entrance at the Air Zoo! (call to verify which libraries the air zoo participates with-each person getting the discount MUST have their own card, even kids.)

What else do they have at libraries besides books? Guest authors! Ok, this author was at a book store, but you get the gist...

Did anyone get to go to Debbie Stoller's big Stitch n' Bitch book signing extravaganza in Grand Rapids last night? It was in honor of her new book Son of a Stitch and Bitch.

I missed it. I was again burning the porka-porka. I don't know what I have against cooking pork, maybe it's a past life hang over, but I tend to burn it.

Not on book tour, but available tomorrow, and is on my wish list...Anticraft's new book!

You could also make your loved one a wikipedia page! That would be pretty cool. Make sure to be accurate, include photos, and provide sources. I tried to make one for knit with snot, and crashed my computer.

Swear to you, if someone tries to take my beloved concert t shirts, cut them up and make them into a "memory quilt", that will be the last thing you do on this dimensional plain. I will personally hand feed you to a hungry mob of zombies. How's that for holiday cheer!

Now, for kids. Go to a department store, wait for it, it's handmade, go to the say, large appliance department, talk to either the guy in charge, or bring your cute sister/brother and have him/her talk to the dumbest/cutest guy there. Get a frig box.

Your kids and spouse will be super excited. Give them crayons, give them blankets, they will live there. There will be peace in the family. Trust me on this one. It's not only cost effective, it will be the best present they've ever gotten and the will remember it for the rest of their lives.

Truly. No joke. Get the box and other gifts and see what happens.

I'm not joking about the spouse part either. He'll be all cutting out windows, and space portals, and the kids will get mad and kick him out. True, true.
*This is a photo of an energy star frig. Your box does not have to be from an energy star frig, but please RECYCLE the box when you are done playing with it. Thank you. (that was a message from the planet earth)


Carina said...

Veronik Avery has a new book out, too. I'm going to take a look at it today, if I can. Oh, and there's this new American knitting historical book that I want. Books that encourage handmade items are okay, right?

AllyB said...

I did make it to see Debbie Stoller last night and I'm sorry you missed it. Her knit things were loverly! I posted some pics on my blog if you'd like to check them out. Have a great day!

Matt Church said...

Libraries really are fantastic, amazing places. They can get you connected to all sorts of hip resources and ideas.
If you live in the Detroit area, check out this link: Sponsored by Macy's, it allows you to check out a museum pass to a number of incredible museums in the area!

tracyb said...

I had issues with pork last night myself. It always looks really yummy, but my little girl said it was too dry! A frequent complaint about pork at my house!

stacey said...

Have you read Crazy Aunt Purl's Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair"? Freakin hilarious, and I've only just started.

Still want to learn to knit, but alas, no time.

Fridge boxes are to elem age pigs what tupperware is to crawling babies. Good stuff.

Kristina B said...

The Anticraft book looks awesome! Too bad I'm going to Chapters today instead of tomorrow ... but knowing our luck up here, it won't be available until next month.

The Veronik Avery book looks very nice...

Holly: another reason for you to come visit. I will make lovely pork souvlaki which should make you forget all your issues with pork. I love pork.