Thursday, November 08, 2007

Dinner, Mostly Good, Dogs, Friends, & Charity Knit Info!

With the chance of being poisoned, attacked by zombies, mocked by werewolves or stampeded by horses, I always find it curious when people say yes to an invitation to Casa De Ogre.

But last night both Marshall, the Ogre's Father and Shelly, owner of the Bowie Knife and Machete took the challenge.

Marshall was under the impression that since I had ruined so many dinners this week, I was due for a decent night.

Shelly decided for her own culinary safety she would bring her dogs, just in case the food served was unfit for human consumption. She also planned ahead and brought some YUM blue corn bread. Which I finished off for breakfast. Yes, I ate half a loaf of corn bread by my darn self for breakfast.

No, really, she brought her dogs to play with Berger. Well, that's what she said.

It could have been to scare off the werewolves, defend against zombies, drive off horses, or eat my foul cooking. Either way bringing your own back up dogs to our house really is a good idea.

Unless your dog is of unacceptable size. *The Ogre has strict guidelines about what constitutes a dog.

It's all in the book Dog's:Which to Eat, Which to Keep The Ogres Guide. It states "a true dog must be able to hold it's own in a battle, be it against foe or foot." (That means you can take it zombie hunting or step on it at home. Most Ogre's wear size 15 and above shoes.)

(*Please note, the Ogre really does have large feet, small dogs will get hurt at our house. He wouldn't mean to, but really, he steps on me by accident and I'm loud. Also, I had to tell the Pigs to be careful with a 9 month old puppy the other day. A Rottweiler puppy. It was 3 against 1.)

Attacks? NONE! Ruined dinner? Eh, only slightly burned meatloaf, and mildly dry squash. When I started to flip out, the Ogre kindly broke out the emergency Margaritas and dinner seemed much better.

Sadly, I did show Shelly some of my stash and she agreed with the Ogre said I had a problem.

Speaking of my problem! Did you hear what Stitching Memories is doing? It's combining two of my favorite things.

Yes, whiskers on kittens and blue satin sashes, you got me. No! Yarn and feeding the hungry, or yarn and babies. No, yarn and feeding the hungry, as long as you either cook the food or burn the food...

So check out Stitching Memories good deed stuff which they are doing November 17-21

"Totes for Tots and Tummys"
Bring in any baby item and receive a free project tote.
Make a handmade item and receive a 20% coupon for your next shopping trip!
Items that are needed:
Receiving blankets, onesies (newborn & 0-3 months), burp clothes, sleepers, hats & mittens.
All baby items will be donated to Hannah's House. Hannah's House dedicates its efforts to creating a home environment where young, unwed mothers are taught parenting and life skills. Hannah's House helps young women and their children when they have no other place to turn. Hannah's is non-profit organization that is heavily supported by our local churches and community.
Bring in non-perishable food items to receive a free project tote.
Always in-demand food items include, but are not limited too: Tuna, Peanut Butter, Mac and Cheese, soup & juice.
All food items will be donated to Loaves and Fishes The mission of Loaves and Fishes is to provide emergency food resources and to promote the availability of hungry people to feed themselves. While always and urgent need, this time of year always place extra demands on a hungry society.
Baby Items and food can be dropped off to Stitching Memories anytime during open store hours Starting Saturday Nov. 17 - Wednesday Nov. 21.
As Thanks for your giving, we''ll be having a little sale on select items from Nov. 17 - Nov. 21.
Great items for some last minute gift giving needs!
A little sale, a tote, a coupon and some good charity makes for a great feeling....Smile!
Need a little scheduled knitting time for your donation? Join me, Kelly J, for some knitting at the store from 1 - 6pm.... we could run over after hours if we are having fun.


Carina said...

That could actually make me cross my own picket line. That's a brilliant idea, and I think I could get something made up and get the tuna out of the pantry. Hmmm.

Sorry about today. After six pies, I was just all done-in, though I started the day pretty run-down with how this whole week's just been so busy. I hope everyone's having an awesome time!

Kristina B said...

You have some very brave friends and family, Holly... ;-)

But talk down your place and hospitality... I will still be down to stay in your basement at some point (bearing candy that the Canada Post/US Postal Service doesn't seem to see fit to deliver). If you'll have me that is. (Did I mention that I can cook? ;-) Just call me Martha On Crack).

And... I won't think you're crazy if I see your stash.

hee hee