Saturday, November 24, 2007

To pull oneself up by one's own boot straps...

There comes a time in most ladies' lives where they shout out THIS IS B. S.! Which coming from my mouth the b. s. stood for bull shit. But looking back it was really me saying boot straps.

Yes boot straps. As in, it's time for me "To pull oneself up by one's own boot straps..." Yes, the answer to THIS IS BULL SHIT!

Yes, yes, gauge swatching got you down, you don't like to do them. Stop bitching about them, just don't do them, but come up with a solution...BOOT STRAPS.

Just plan on giving anything that doesn't fit the intended recipent to charity. Haha. That's my boot strapping solution.

That super cute crochet skirt from Stitch and Bitch Happy Hooker looks like crap? Don't complain...Boot Strap...Midnight Tomato.

These are knitting examples.

I have others, practical, life ones.

This is B. S. .....

my mouth tastes like an ashtray every morning...boot strap...quit smoking!

I live in a basement with a loser...boot strap... divorce!

I'm lonely...boot strap... find Ogre!

Now, if you need help with your B. S. Let me know, I will help you. But you need to make the first step. Go, put on your boots, and pull up the straps.

(I get that bootstrap is one word but it goes with the whole b. s. thing.)


Kristina B said...

I'm just waiting for the self-help book, Holly. Can I have an autographed copy? :)

Linda said...

Hey Holly
I found the following and right away thought of you:

the whole site had stuff that was too cool for Zombie knitters to ignore.

By the way did you get your t-shirts yet?
Will try and join you-all this Thursday..I'm off work that day


Linda said...

The site doesn't work cause it's try this one:

KreativeMix said...


Carina said...

If your kidney grows a massive tumor, pull yourself up by your bootstaps. Got it.

Holly Bee said...

Right Carina, because I was totally talking about your health and not you bitching about how horrible your family is.

Everyone's family sucks. But you don't do anything to either enjoy the mess you have (family mess) or make it better. You just want the whole world to feel sorry for you.

You've made your bed, so either get comfy in it, or change the freaking sheets.

PS, I don't care if they have real 7UP in other countries, I only like the Coke.