Saturday, November 03, 2007

So I Went to the Book Store...Knitting, Ogres, Zombies, it's all Good

Yes, I went to the bookstore, and yes, I spent money. I didn't mean to. Well, actually, I did mean to, but on Pig 1, not on my greedy horrible knitting addicted self.

That's right (ignore this if you aren't down with the whole "my kid is a freaking genius" blah, blah stuff-it makes me sick too), Pig 1 needed books. Why? Because the kid reads a chapter book a day. A freaking day. Like big chapter books. Sure, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows took him awhile, but hell, it took me awhile too.

So, while at the corporate evil of Barnes and Noble, we not only ran into Mel, (Hey Mel!), but also into these magical knitting books/mags...

See, I had to get Simply Knitting to fill the void I have in my consumerism soul. Oh, yeah, I am no longer buying anything by Vogue Knitting. Uh huh. My big mouth, trying to be funny, went a little out of line and things in print aren't always as funny as they are meant to be. So, a couple of things that seemed amusing to me, were not amusing to the staff at Vogue Knitting.

I just thought that the 25 Faux Covers for the 25th Anniversary Issue were a bit, uh, over the top and perhaps a less than an environmental choice and I may have sent an email that said something about the magazine going bankrupt because of that choice which in turn lead to their website being "under construction" for several months.

Yeah, well, anyway, I then further made an ass of myself by talking trash about them in a public forum. Bad move. Anyway, me, embarrassed. Look, the word ASS, is in embarrassed!!!

So, in response to making an ass of myself with Vogue Knitting, I am no longer going to spend my money on a magazine that is so, sensitive. So, no more mediocre knitting magazines for me! That's right no more Vogue Knitting, knit.1 and, well, you too Knit Simple, I might miss you Knit Simple. So, if you go to Zombie Prom Date Knitters, I'm giving out my old copies of anything published by Vogue Knitting. So there.

Ah, Zombie Prom Date Knitters! Zombies, Shovels, I need me a shovel cozy for Ol' Betsy!

Speaking of shovel...see that non assuming little Knitting Stitch and Motif Directory? Yeah, it's got a motif of chickens, cows, and the money shot...SHOVELS! Take that Vogue knitting, I'm going to the AntiCraft!

Ooooh, Oooooh!! Craft Magazine Alert!!! It's new, it's awesome, it's at your local Barnes and Noble, or it may be. It's really worth looking for, asking for, and buying. BEWARE! It's not all knitting, but it may change your life! Ask Kristina of Brouhaha...the Voice of Evil has spoken...

Ok, so why the guilt? I have been rather liberal with my birthday spending lately. Check it...

Remember how I spent Halloween heckling children and organizing my knitting needles? Well, it seemed like such a waste of time to size, measure and organize and then just throw them into ugly off brand ziplocks labeled with sharpies.

So, thanks to Stitching Memories, I found this awesome needle organizer from della Q.
Pricey, but I'll stay soo organized. Right. Yeah, really, right.

Then there was this. Yep, I bought this Knit Col yarn by Adriafil, which is really Plymouth, which is really just confusing. Also, the name is super lame, but the yarn, is super cool.

Please note, I got the yarn on October 30th, I got it for 15%, I got it for a friend, and I've already made a hat for the friend out of it. We were just strangers in the night. It never even made it into my stash. Well, ok, I did get a second skein "just in case.: But that doesn't count. I don't have a problem. I can stop anytime I want to. I just don't want to.

Besides, the Ogres likes it when I knit. I'm so, well, liberal with the idea of gauge, that a lot of what I knit ends up going to charity. Like it says in the good book, Pitch Forks and Torches-The Ogre's Plight, "charity is good for the soul". Charity work also makes you feel less crap about the whole shovel vs Uncle Joe thing.


Carina said...

I saw on Ravelry that the book that kept my book contract from getting sent is out at B&N. I'm thinking of making a trip tonight (well, that, and to buy an interesting-sounding weight loss book). So, I should pick up Craft?

Tons of fun yesterday, btw. The farmer being evil (sooo not your fault) notwithstanding, it was a perfect day. Thank you for letting us all crash at your house. :)

Holly Bee said...

Yes, go buy craft!!!

We had fun too! We also got Erbelli's!! Which reminds me...I'm hungry!

Kristina B said...

Holly, you are truly the Voice of Evil. You are encouraging people to buy CRAFT. They should know that they may become completely distracted and manic crafts-wise as a result of reading it (or maybe I'm just nuts).

(do buy it. really).

Holly - did you see my Bob McKenzie interpretation on the blog? (the first of two posts dated 3 Nov). You might get a laugh.