Saturday, November 24, 2007

Smoked Turkeys, Outlaws, Zombie Slayers, Hats, and Hockey Fans

It's like weird Smoked Turkey hangover talking here. Ooooo my Precious, moist, delicious, juicey (you have to be reading this in your best Gollum voice)...Really though, super awesome best turkey every. Plus picking up a turkey is much better than actually cooking a turkey.

Big Knit with Snot Shout Out to STUBBY'S in Vicksburg!

This was the grown up table....

This was where I sat...Note the two glasses of wine.

Note the next photo taken.

New house, like the fam's new sofa? It was promised to be delivered before Thanksgiving, didn't Furniture Row Outlet Center do a great job at keeping their promise? Don't you want a couch like this one for a family gathering? I'd like to add that their actual Trade Marked tag line for their company name is "Home to a different kind of shopping experience."

I might change that to "Home to a unsatisfatory shopping experience," or "Home to broken promises on delivery dates," or "Home to we have your sofa here, but you can't have it the day before we said you could."
Did I knit? Of course! I sat on the couch right next to the Ogre and worked on Sarah or Maureen, or charity's sassy red beret. Why so many possible recipiants? Gauge my friends, gauge. Why bother with gauge when their are so many heads in the world to cover?

On a Zombie Prom Date Knitters Black Friday Koffee Klutch Boycott Consumerism Outlaw Knitters Knit Out Knit In Knit On Update also known as "if you are knitting a hat for a specific person do a gauge don't ask Holly for a number, she will give you a number, a number she has promptly pulled from her ass."
Wow, do you think that would fit on a Moo minicard?

Ok, Chickenlady was making a blanket. This is the hat I helped Spinsanity mess up.

Em and Alice wondering why anyone ever listens to me.

Do you want to learn to knit/spin/slay zombies? Or just watch us make asses of ourselves...

Zombie Prom Date Knitters

Thursday 1-3 or later
Water Street Coffee Joint-Oakland Drive Location
3037 Oakland Drive Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008
(269) 488-0018

Speaking of making an ass of ones self. How about a knitting, Outlaw style? I took my needles and family and hit the WMU hockey game. The beat OSU last night. Take that Buckeye fans.

It was all knitting and nachos until the New York Cheese Cake eating Hockey Fans got there...

Then the rowdy started, in the dry stadium...

Then we got booted out. Ok, but the game was over by then.


Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Hey, I did a swatch. I did TWO swatches...a 100 stitch swatch (thanks for the number) and a 70 stitch swatch (pulled that one outa my ass based on the fit of the pictured hat). And then I settled on 80. I was just sharing. You know, in case you ever knit a hat for my Alex with the same needles, yarn and gauge. Oh, and I got the magic number by measuring his fat head and comparing it to my 70 stitch swatch...who'dathunk?

I owe you for posting that pic.

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

I always forget the other thing I was gonna say.

You were taking pics of the ceiling after only TWO glasses of wine?? lightweight

You sat at the kids table and only needed TWO glasses of wine? Holy guacamole, you are amazing!

Holly Bee said...

Those 2 glasses were at there to hold the amount of wine I needed to sit there. That was the before the meal started photo...I am a lightweight, and a cheap date.

Which reminds me, I saw your favorite date location last night!