Wednesday, November 07, 2007



But somehow during either the broken or the fixing, we managed to get some toilet water flowing into the evil furnace.

So this morning while rinsing zombie remains from my hair, I thought "gee, if this ends up going down to the furnace that was installed by Rosemary's Baby, will I be inviting evil into my house or offering some sort of sacrifice?"

Needless to say, Zombie Prom Date Knitters is SO ON for Thursday 1-3 at
Water Street Coffee Joint (Oakland Plaza location.)

It's the one by Handweavers Yarn Shop, Sawall's and Oakwood Bistro. Not to mention Bacchus! You thought I meant Bacchus, didn't you?

A big SORRY to Spinsanity who drove all the way from the Creek and went to the other Water Street first!

Anyway, toilets, fixed. No more peeing outside. Ok, sometimes, just for fun.


Kristina B said...

From the week you've had so far, sounds like Zombie Prom Date should take place at the Water Street BEER HAUS with Bacchus (the god, not the smokehouse) present! SIGH.

New CRAFT magazine is out! hooray!!!

Carina said...

I'll be there! I have to be after the zany week I've had, too. :)

Shannon Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Hee hee, I totally didn't see your--in print--apology until just now. No worries, at least I FINALLY found Handweaver's new location (when I stopped in to ask directions to THE OTHER coffee joint after driving through the parking lot behind it. Y'all should have left a trail...yarn, coffee beans, dead zombies (is that an oxymoron?) or something.

Speaking of zombies, Kai and Abi want to know if we are zombies who are prom dates or the prom dates of zombies?