Sunday, November 11, 2007

One Stitch at a Time...

Oh, golly what have we been up to? There's been scrapbooking, baby sweaters, beer samplers, crack whores, haunted houses, and collections. Really. That was just Saturday.

This is just a bit of "Madden is a Lame Sports Announcer" Sunday Night Football catching up. There will be photos later, but for now, really, I just missed you. I can gaurentee I'd miss you a lot more if my computer was a sweet, bright pink mac, and I was living the ilife. Whatever.

Crack whores? They ain't what they used to be. They dress better than me, and they have better cell phones. Where are they getting they're money? Oh, yeah. I get it now. Also, where do they get they're sweet clothes? Do they sew too? Do they teach home ec in rehab? Because that is one class I regret never taking in high school. I got the Math for Daily living, but Home Ec I missed out on.

Speaking of Home Ec. The baby sweater was a huge hit. Such a huge hit that Shelly and I have converted one of the scrapbookers to a Zombie Prom Date Knitter. Uh, huh. We have that power. Oh, I didn't mention that.

Let me try this again. Shelly and Pig 1 went to the monthly Scrap-o-rama. Shelly just said NO to paper and stickers and brought her knitting. While there the coolness of knitting over came Erika, and she decided that at the next Scrap-o-rama she was going to learn to knit. Haha, a convert!

That reminds me...on Thursday at Zombie Prom Date Knitters, a lady said "I know how to knit and purl, but I don't know how to cast on." I found this offensive. Who teaches someone to knit but skips teaching them how to start?

Ok, sore subject. My own PK taught me to knit by casting on for me and never going through the cast on part and as a small angry youth it always frustrated me. So, in case of knitting emergancies just as this, I whipped out my blue and red kid knitting needles and taught the lady the knitted cast on.

She was all happy and misty eyed and said she was going to dig out her Grandma's old knitting needles and knit herself up something. I am an enabler. Yep, that's me, as bad as a crack whore.

Beer=fun. Collections (Grange)=Fun.

What did I do today? I hung out with another friend, ate mass amounts of...BACON, and taught the bacon maker how to knit. It's like I'm spreading happiness through out the world one stitch at a time.


Kristina B said...

Home ec was a waste of time, just so you know. How many disgusting fondant eggs can you make and eat? And... the projects were stuffed animals from kits. I just ended up hanging out in the smoking section with all the other future beer-swilling crack whores.


Anonymous said...

Bacon isn't a vegetable -- it's a food group!!!


Holly Bee said...

Oooh, my belly hurts...

Home ec. So I was cool swilling beer on my own then?