Monday, November 12, 2007

Knit Like an Outlaw Day part 2

Ok, I was going to wait to talk about this until later in the week, but Carina is all in a knit panic.

So, here's the info on

Knit like an Outlaw Day part 2

(Why part 2? Those lucky Canadians already had their Turkey day of Thanks.)

Over at Outlaw Knitters we've decided to take over *one of the busiest shopping days of the year and knit in public. Yes, knit in line while waiting for a cheap wii at Best Buy. Wait for the hot toy of the year at 4 am with a scarf for Nana in hand. Don't waste time! Knit ladies, and gentlemen, knit!! I think Hanukkah is early this year! Just checked the calendar, the chosen people are hosed this year, it starts December 5th!

Me, what am I doing? I'm going to be an Extreme Outlaw. Yep. I plan to get up at 4 am, pack my knitting bag, a lawn chair, a flashlight, or head lamp, and a camera crew.

Yep, I'm going to ask my professional photographer friend if she will don her mighty black beret and go on photo mission to piss off shoppers with me.

I want to queue up at Best Buy, Target, Circuit City, and just take up space, and have my photographer take photos. But not buy anything. Heeheehee.

But I am sure I would be willing to stop the crazy around say 10-11 to get some coffee? Somewhere nowhere near Westnedge or the evil of consumerism?

Oh, I'd like to add that the day after Thanksgiving may have been my idea. Ok, I wanted the whole weekend to be dedicated to evil knitting deeds

What Is An Outlaw Knitter?

We're the kind of knitters who knit in public and don't care what people think. We meet their stares and comments with sneers and flash our pointy sticks with pride. Some of us even have tattoos and eat things that aren't good for us.

*don't argue with me, it has been losing ground, trust me on this one and don't piss me off. I decided to move furniture today in anticipation for holiday cheer in the form of holiday tree and now my back hurts worse than it did than when I slide tackled Pig 2 and held him down for his flu shot, so really, don't start. Besides, me and cheer don't really mix unless you had me something rummy so, yeah.


Kristina B said...

Right on!!!!

I'll bring you coffee and meet you wherever.... dang, I can't. It's not MY thanksgiving!!! (and at least you guys get two days off, not one. Ours is on Monday).

Carina said...

So, I've been an outlaw knitter/spinner all along and never knew it? That's awesome! Does taking out my knitting during required chapel in college count? :)

I really might do that (mostly to get away from MIL and the family).

Holly Bee said...

Carina...head over to the Outlaws and tell them.