Monday, November 05, 2007

It's all Poo around here

Remember how I said indoor plumbing was for loosers and that an outhouse would be fine?


I'm tired of peeing in the yard. Besides, that werewolve trio I, uh, caught last week? They had friends, and they are not happy with me and they've been patrolling the border of the property. It's just all trauma.

What's up?

There's floaters, and sinkers, standing water, and one really clean bathroom, and a lot of not so clean other areas. Still unclear?

The Pigs are pigs, and they have to be bathed. The tub they wash in may have collected an other worldly amount of mulch, mud and slime thus leading to the backing up of our whole plumbing system. That or the werewolves snuck in, dumped in the tub out of spite and they clogged it.

Out of embarassment, I spent all yesterday cleaning my bathroom. So it's super, super clean, but the whole rest of the house is it's regular semi pit of doom. See. The floaters and sinkers are actually all mulch related.

Now on to happy news. Ok, just knitting news. The should have taken on week top down baby sweater is done knitting. Wait, I've said that before. Well, I've woven in the ends. So it's official done on the knitting side. I'll get those darn buttons on and have photos, unless of course the house fills with crap, or I have to battle an army of for hire zombies or some such...those werewolves are clever dogs.


Kristina B said...

AGHGH!! I feel your pain.

Don't let the werewolves eat you.

Look forward to seeing the sweater pics! ;-)


Carina said...

Are you guys on sewer, or do you have a septic field? It might be tree roots in your pipe to the street or a backed up septic tank, too. That reminds me--I should call someone to clear out our pipe to the street . . .

Holly Bee said...

I live in a soybean field surrounded by wolves and zombies, there be no sewer! No trees with root systems either!

The poop tank was recently switched and only the upstairs toilets and one tub is clogged.

It appears to be a "Pig related flushing incident" as my on call plumber said.

We will get the heart stopping truth tomorrow afternoon. Good thing I took that part time lab job...

Carina said...

Oh man. That's not good. I have a long drain snake you could borrow. It's a mandatory item in our house. *sigh*

Hopefully it's easy to get to.

Kristina B said...

Do you make soy silk, then?

Holly Bee said...

I make soy poop...