Tuesday, November 27, 2007

If It's Not Handmade, It's Crap...

That's right, I took the handmade pledge. Yep. While watching the original anti-consumerism Holiday special, I signed up and promised to not buy you crap you don't want from the mall. You may still get crap you don't want, but it will be handmade crap, or should I say "knit with snot for you" crap?

Seriously. Need yarn? Check out The Plucky Knitter...she's got yarn at Stitching Memories, or through Etsy. Good stuff my friends.

Or, why not make your own darn yarn? Check out Spinsanity's Etsy shop. She's also got her goods at Threadbear in Lansing! Superfly.

What? You say you don't know how to spin on a spindle thingy, but you want to learn? Come to

Zombie Prom Date Knitters! Skip the shipping, buy a spindle direct, and maybe get a free lesson.

Thursdays 1-3
Water Street Coffee Joint-Oakwood Plaza

More ideas? How about a knit kit. Check out Fabric Creations bags at Etsy. Fill with knitting supplies. See you can make stuff. Then teach someone to knit.


Bring them to ZPDK's with you, teach them to knit there and drink a mocha, soy, no whip. It's a girly drink, but yum.

More, more ideas? Gee, what do you want me to do slay your neighborhood zombies, and make all your holiday gifts for you too? Fine. Here's what I'll do for you, because we're friends...


Beefy swiss steak goodness, real mashed potatoes, veggies, awesome homemade sweet pickles, other fixings. Reasonable Price (I can't remember, but it's really a deal for what you get)
Bazaar items:Knit with Snot for You originals at crazy cheap prices! Items by 1000monkeys knit, Alice, and many ladies with knitting needles!

Old School Aprons! Baby Quilts! Lap Robes! Quilts! Antiques! Weird Stuff! Cool Stuff! Hats! Mittens! CAKE!!!

If you aren't tricked by cake, you're dead inside.


Carina said...

Gosh darn it! I'm going to miss it again this year! Augh! I need an apron, too.

I'm thinking of taking that pledge. Then I found fleece at Old Navy (Anna needed new pants, and the only ones that still fit are from there, so I went tonight). Mmmm . . . fleecie goodness . . .

Holly Bee said...

I can pick up a few aprons and bring them to a knitting event. I know a some people want them.

They are very fab. I'm wearing one right now! I was feeling sassy!

Kristina B said...

And here I thought you were a vegetarian, Holly... ! :-)

The pledge sounds good. I avoid all that by not buying anyone anything - and, this year, by leaving the country 9 days before Christmas (and, cannot promise that I will not be buying the UK equivalent of Mall Crap while away. I'm such an evil consumer type).

You're going to learn how to spin? Where do you get the energy??? (when I first started at this office last year, half the very health conscious co-workers were talking about "spinning class". I was both thrilled and very jealous... until I found out they actually meant "boot camp for stationary cycling". LOL).

Carina said...

Ooh, yes! I want an apron! I'm aiming for getting to more ZPDK meetups, so I could get it then. Yay for nice aprons! The only one I have is heavy cotton canvas, and it hurts my neck after awhile.

chickenlady said...

hey, hey, to promote my mom she makes handmade goodies on her etsy shop fabriccreations

Also, I will try and make the Grange event. Sounds like a good night not to cook!

Holly Bee said...

Thanks Chickenlady!! I have updated post to include your Momma's sweet sewn swag...it fits right in!

Kristina...I'm scared to spin, but I'll try anything. What the hell.

Carina...those canvas aprons are torture devices. I will buy out the Grange.

Swiss Steak info:even if you don't eat meat, it's worth the price for the homemade mashed tatoes!!! Oh, and the sweet pickles. I normally only like dill, but these are home made crazy Grange sweet pickles...ahhhhh...food.

lora said...

Go for the spin! The chunky & wildly irregular beginner yarns make great novelty stripes in "ordinary" knits. Everyone should spin, if just for the joy of dyeing yarn in a crock pot with Kool Aid.

chickenlady said...

Thanks HB for adding my momma's page. She is just so excited that she has lookers.