Sunday, November 25, 2007

I Wonder What a Yorkie Tastes Like?

Look! We got a new tv! Our old one was just not working right anymore. I have to say, the picture on this new one is crystal freaking clear. Like the shine on a new shovel.

Caution! Newsflash! Warning!

Are you thinking...

Yarn Sale? Wrong, but you could stop by Threadbear.

Another Pig? Not for me, but Beth Church is knocked up!!

An evil pharmaceutical company has leaked a horrible mix of toxins in to the ground water turning humans into hungry for human flesh zombies? Eh, most of the time.

Zombie Prom Date Knitters going on a whirlwind book signing tour like the Spice Girls and Meat Loaf is the Bus Driver???!!!! Soon.

But for now, check out the candy I got from World Market! This is what lead Pig 2 to ask "I wonder what a Yorkie tastes like?" We still don't know, but the candy is not for girls.

Here's the Ogre. Not out on Patrol. It you are a zombie, tonight is a good night to go searching for brains. The Ogre is sewing. Sewing in a very Ogrely way. Yeah.

Speaking of manly. Here is the kicky beret that was knit at the WMU hockey game.

Very sassy pj's, very sassy. Oui, oui, oui.

What to knit next? The arms of the Tulip sweater. Another beret. A cardigan for me. A baby sweater for...Bethie's baby! I'm thinking a sweet little cardigan with a skull on the back, or some flames, or maybe the Pixies "P." Heeheeheee


Kristina B said...

Very kicky beret indeed! I knit one similar to that but gave it away because I looked like some kind of spazzed out troubadour wearing it.

British candy!!! Yummy. How do you like the Yorkie? (I know it's not for girls, but I suspect that's never stopped you before....)

Charlie Chuckles said...

Hiya there!!

Yorkies are absolutely lush! The TV ads are very tongue in cheek and go on about how it is 'man chocolate' and 'not for women'!!

I want one now and our supermarket is shut! I think I will have to go tomorrow and buy a regular Yorkie and a biscuit and raisin one too!!

Holly Bee said...


The Yorkie was yum!! I started hiding my bootleg candy in the veggie serving dishes in the cupboard...somewhere the Pigs would never dream of looking!!!!

I bought some Hobnobs the other day too. I like to hide food from the Pigs. Naughty, sneaky, treats from overseas!

Biscuit and rasin Yorkie???? Have not seen those!! Must order direct!!