Monday, November 19, 2007

Holly vs The Basement of Doom

You want trash to treasure? I am lousy with crap, I mean trash...

I got all freaked out that the creepy half dead Sloth from Seven was under the stairs raising Rosemary's Baby's grandbaby which was brought to life from the carcasses of dead birds and zombie blood.

Hey, you live in a house that has a possessed furnace installed by the adult Rosemary's baby and see what crazy stuff you come up with when you go into the basement. Yeah, that's right.

Ah, now to treasure.

Do you think Alton Brown is attractive? I happen to have science geek/he could feed me crush on him. Well, well, I happen to have 4 plates in the same pattern that he often uses on
Good Eats.

Alton, if you visit the Kalamazoo area, I have some plates here you might be interested in...

I just pretty much made sure Mr Brown and the Feasting on Asphalt Crew will never dine at R. Stanely's or Uncle Ernies. Although they totally should!

I found my sage and stomped the stench of zombies, sloth, and the Evil that toilet water does to a furnace. I was also feeling a bit Groucho Marx.

Meat grinder? Yes precious...but I was attacked but something more evil than a meat grinder...

Modern Nativity! Sadly the mug of E.T. was the most vicous. The dirty fiend was not happy about being trapped in a box with the creepy kitten for the last 20 years.

Knit-tastic you say? Then of course I didn't knit it! This is the Tulip sweater done by Carina. Oh, ah! It's from the special color mix kit (#8) you can only get from Threadbear (who is having a sale.)

Here is the regular mix of Dream in Color Tulip Sweater. But wait, where the heck are the sleeves? They're not done yet. Oh, and what's up with the wonky stripes?

I thought it would be super fab. I still think it's super fab. If you don't think it's super fab, you could come over and feed Sloth, Rosemary's Baby's Grandkid and the devil cat Pippin...

Oops, I forgot...Where My Stitches At?

Hiding in the closet because I am on a yarn/tshirt/shoe/craft/clothes/haircut/spending diet. Yeah.


Kristina B said...

Knittastic indeed, Carina!!!! So pretty!

As for the plates... hmm. I don't even want to smash them and glue them to things, which is a bad sign. I like Alton but the plates can go in my humble view :-)

The basement is actually worse than my storage locker.

Love the nativity scene though! I'd buy one if I saw it in a shop...

Carina said...

Your picture is much more true to the colors than any of mine. Thanks!

Your basement and mine could have a rumble in a parking garage to funky music with lots of percussion. Yours might win, but mine would dance better. ;) I have a stupid dancing, singing snowman that I keep trying to get rid of and the kids keep rescuing (thanks, Grandma).

kristinknits said...

I got my t-shirt, too! So excited. I wore it last Friday. Matt says I should wear it to Thanksgiving dinner. I dunno.

Holly Bee said...

Me+You=Ravelry-Thanksknitting on Dec 2 at Jeanne and Mel's house!!

Now, should I wear the white one or the grey one?

Also, the Ogre said we should have a shirt made up that says "Where's my britches?" for Pig 2. basement is a Jet..."when you're a Jet you're a jet to the end from your first cigarette to your last dying breath." Watch your back.

KB-those plates are the tip of the crapberg.