Friday, November 02, 2007

Do you like flowers? Try Pushing Daisies...

You all know I knit. You all know I fight zombies and my weapon of choice is my trusty shovel.

You also know that Pushing Daisies is the show I have been trying to get you to watch. Why?

Because the Pie Maker is super cute, oh and can bring people back from the dead, with some side issues.

Chuck is the not dead, fashionable beekeeping decidedly not zombie love interest.

Poor Olive is the love lorn confused secret keeping/keeper singing waitress.

Then there's synchronized swimming agoraphobic aunts.

Finally, Emerson Cod, our knitting hero, and money hungry, art school attendee Private Eye.

"I love you shovel."


Kristina B said...

If you keep pushing it, I may just have to turn this show on. It would make a break from the Law and Order reruns, the Food Network and Britcoms. ;-)

Kara said...

Here Here! Can't get enough of that Emerson and his retracting knitting needles.

Holly Bee said...

KB, this is the voice of evil speaking, give it a shot. Big man with knitting needles, that's hot.

Click the link in the post, and watch the episode titled dummy. It's quirky, but really, big man with knitting needles, that's hot.

Note to all men! Knitting is hot.

Wear a shirt that says,

"I'm straight and I knit"

then go to a yarn will get action. Serious crazy love action.

Kristina B said...

I think you just found your new career, Holly - designing T-shirts that say "I'm straight and I knit" and selling them through on-line dating services ;-)

And... I must confess... the thought of big men with knitting needles does get me hot. I have a foolish crush on the irritating guy who plays Goren in Law and Order Criminal Intent. If he ever showed up with knitting needles on the show... phew! LOL

Holly Bee said...

Knitting, It's my Bag, But I Dig Chicks too

Knitting Rules, So do Ladies

Ladies and Knitting, Rock my World

I Knit this bag, Wanna hold it

Wanna wind my balls...yarn

Must stop...have giggles...