Thursday, November 01, 2007

Defender of Evil, and Heckler of Children!

Here I am! Holly B, Defender of Evil, Heckler of Children!

On Halloween, yes, I am the Defender of Evil! Why? Because there are too many Fairy Princesses in the World!

What was I as a young girl for Halloween? Darth Vader. Go figure right? That was kindergarten. A girl dressed up as Little Bo Peep said to me "that's a boy costume." I kicked her.

Dig the boots? Made from the hides of Bo Peep's Sheep!

This was the sign on our door. We didn't have any frightening zombie parts or knitting paraphernalia laying about, but it was enough to get a good "oh my gosh, are they really handing out candy?" and a "What's a hell hound?" from one group. Do you not read people? Actually, hound? Hound? Bloodhound, dog. It's not like I went with Cerberus.

This is what I sent out into the night. Good traditional pirates, a brave knight, and an Ogre to boot. Ok, there was on zombie part I forgot to clean up over in the bushes.

This next bit is long, so I am throwing in photos of the anti zombie crew for fun...

So what was I doing while the pigs were out? I organized my knitting needles. You know, just in case there were any really zombie/vampiric activity, I'd be prepared. Plus, I'd washed my needle case because the cat had been using it as a bed and even I could no longer stand the filth.

I'd been using a sleeping bag bag as a holder for my needles and well, it really wasn't much in the way of an actual organizational system.

I sized, measured and sealed each needle into it's own snack sized off brand ziplock bag. Great until the moment I use the needle and am too lazy to put it back into the bag later. A flawed system, but it's better than the sleeping bag bag. I think I need like a three ring binder.

Either way, it was very involved and when the little beggars came to my door in weak costumes I had things to say to them...

Kid-Trick or Treat

Me-Ah, you're an Indigenous American.


Me-You're an Indigenous American.


Me-What are you for Halloween?

Kid-An Indian.

Me-That's what I said, an Indigenous American.


As a side note, the kid was getting pissed, then he was all happy that I was actually on his side. See, he learned something!

Kid- Dressed as Miss America

Me-You can be anything, don't give up your dreams.

Again, helpful

Kid-Dressed as Michigan State Fan

Me-You'll just need a liver transplant.

Parent-Or a good lawyer.

Both Adults-Waahhaaahaaa!!

We don't get many Trick or Treaters. The Ogre says it may be because of me. He asked if I was bored when he saw the devil sign. I yelled Bingo! and asked to see the Candy.

Luckily we live in an area where they hand out full candy bars, so there was some decent loot. But, since we live in the US, the full candy bars were still crap. OH CANADA...I'm so placing holiday order now.


Carina said...

Man, even with the rain we got a lot. I locked the door at eight, though. We have some candy left over, even. After eight, it was all the high schoolers without any costumes. Or zombies. It's hard to tell the difference.

Holly Bee said...

You're right, high schoolers/zombies same same.

kristinknits said...

Canadian candy bars ... I used to love the Aero bar. Come to Detroit and we'll go to Windsor on a chocolate run.

Kristina B said...

I just came home from work having eaten all the leftover Cadbury Wunderbars... ;-)

Great costume - far better than mine (but I had two! pics on the blog). Like your routine with the kids. I wasn't brave enough to be sarcastic, myself.

Holly Bee said...

Haha! That was no costume! That's what I wore to school conferences!

Kristinknits...we are so on for a Canadian Candy run...we may need a chaperone, or a witness.

Shelly said...

Hey, I'm going to Canada on Nov want me to pick up your candy of choice? I live in Toledo, so I'm sure we could hook up somehow!

Vykky said...

High schoolers =, y'all must live in my town too. We're too "farmhouse off the road" to get any trick or treaaters so it's all mine! Well, til the Old Man finds it then it's "history". (Note to Self: Find a new hiding place) My favorite costume I ever wore? A male flasher. [I'm a girl] (Note to Self: size is not everything and it gets caught in the steering wheel)

sarah lou said...

awesome!! i only had 35 kids, and two were my friends that came over to play 'cause they live in an apartment in a business part of town, rather than residential. they laughed at me when i encouraged a little 4 year old beggar with "oh my! i almost didn't see you because you're such a good ninja!!" hee hee

Kristina B said...

Holly Bee - only a witness is required, preferably with a camera. You and Kristinknits can head on up to Toronto anytime... ! If during the week you can catch the 3:00 p.m. office junk sprint. It is a sight to be seen, that's for sure... 10 or so hungry lawyers storming the cafe downstairs for ice cream bars, O Henry's, etc.