Monday, November 05, 2007

Another lovely dinner...

This was the pan dinner came out of tonight. Or also, this is what I did to a lovely Super Suppers dinner. Yikes! Yes, I was under the impression that the can of Italian Cut Green Beans I had opened were in fact infected with botulism.
Instead of checking my pork chops, I opened another can of Green Beans and was again convinced the family was going to die due to bad commercial canning. So I scrapped off the burned part, ok, the burned side and served it to the Ogre and the Pigs...

These are a few of the things they said to me...
Me: "Dear Ogre, we are having company over for dinner next week!"
Ogre: "Are we poisoning them?"
Me: "We need to come up with a list of things I can cook."
Ogre: "Is this one of those Seven Unsolvable Math Problems?"
Ogre: "Dinner is so good, my eyes are watering" and "it's tears of love"
Pig 2: "I'm full, and I didn't like anything."
Me: "Cereal for dinner again."

Right after the burned stuff we called dinner, I found the Ogre in the basement....

eating frosting? Ogres live on a secret stash of frosting? What did they do in the Middle Ages? Or when Jello was in vogue?
Here's my Top Down Baby-was-born-several-months-ago-and-is-probably-a-Toddler-now-Sweater. That's right, that's what I'm calling it.
Also, get used to the lack of sunshine in my knitting photos. Knitting in the Mitten between the months of November and June is low on the natural light.
Snow, snowmen, complaining, bitching, and then finally...

Or, just cats in sweaters.


Kristina B said...

Oh, they had frosting in the middle ages. But only the Landlords got to eat any.

I practically have tears running down my face, I laughed so much at this post!

Great cat sweater! Very cute. Hopefully the baby/toddler has not outgrown it, but it looks well on the cat at any rate.

Carina said...

Awwww! Send that photo to Stuff on my Cat! It's sooo cute!

That's why I don't do commercially canned food much anymore. Freaks me out. Frozen's good (harder for them to mess up if it's just veggies), but canned freaks me out.

Oh, and I've heard all that over some of my casserole creations lately. The kids aren't too happy. *sigh* At least I'm still doing better than my stepmom and her hotdog soup. Gah.

Kristina B said...

Golly gee, Holly - I just realised that you had a kitchen accident last night. I avoid these things by reading each line of my Martha Stewart and Barefoot Contessa cookbooks very carefully and standing over the stove for hours. Just a tip.