Friday, November 16, 2007

And You Had to Work...

We had boots...ok, and some Breast Cancer Awareness Socks, but check that awareness!

We had fashion berets in the making...probably for charity due to gauge swatch refusal. Bad for gifts, great for charity!

We had laughs. We also had one angry male trying to do work near us and he actually lasted...28 minutes. Then he stormed off in despair. Actually, storming off in despair is amusing to watch. You should come to ZPDK just to witness that.

More fashion knitting. This will be a sweater to wear when one is feeling flirty.

This is the ceiling of Water Street Coffee Joint (Oakland Neighborhood location). I see this a lot when I fall off my seat laughing.

You may also laugh when you see my hair...

I asked for less of a mom hair cut, and I some got more of a mom hair cut. It's all my fault though, I refuse to deal with hair maintenance. I am currently up to, "George, I promise to blow dry it." Next month, I may have to work up to using products of some sort. I am not a free babysitting service.


Fric and Frac said...

I have an idea: get some white and black spray on hair colour and make it look like a soccer ball! ;)

(kidding. It looks cute, actually).

I saw a soccer ball mosaic recently. I thought of you ;-)

Shannon said...

I'm so sorry I missed ZPDK this week. Our dog is sick and it's not good. He probably has a month or less left at this point. The haircut is cute and it does look rather maintenance free. That's why I keep mine long - ponytail or bun and off I go.
I'm assuming no ZPDK next week b/c of Thanksgiving, what about Weds. night? I'm not sure if we're even going to be in town, but if we are, I'm up for Weds. night.

Carina said...

I love the hair! Cute! You could get some crazy mousse and really spike that up!