Tuesday, November 20, 2007

8 Random Things

Kristinknits asked me to do this...and I said I would rock it out for her...

1. I hate to cook, unless it's cake. Right now I am fiending, yes fiending, for some pancakes and a veggie omlette. I don't want the stinking homefries, hashbrowns or potatoes. If you could give me french fries and smother them in chili and cheese that might be the perfect meal. I may cry.

2. Mocha, soy, no whip, tastes better in a ceramic mug. It tastes ok in a paper cup. It tastes like what I suspect a robot's synthetic ass would taste like in styrofoam. I'm not even talking about saving the planet, I'm talking about flavor. Don't drink robot plastic ass.

3. Coke Classic was a classic before it was changed to the evil that was New Coke. That's right, I cried over that. Kristin, when I drink a Real Coke, you know what I mean, a Coke, in a glass bottle, made with real sugar, probably shipped by donkey, and then carried by diesel chugging trucks and running over endangered animals all the way from Mexico, I think of you.

4. The only FREE thing at the Disney World Resort is found at Epcot at the Cool Zone or some other seemingly lame place. But don't be tricked by the lame name. They have soda from around the world in there, for free. You may stick to the floor, but it's free, and it's delicious. How many times did we stop in there while at Epcot? Every ruddy time we walked by. Free soda for the insane!

5. Yarn is for sale in the Norway pavilion at Epcot. Which is also cool because it's by the Maelstrom, which has Trolls. In Norway, the people are tall, and they give the Ogre the nod.

6. Between knitting, bakery items, Disney, mochas, and soda, I have a problem. I have to chase the Pigs and zombies just to stay fit.

7. Burning dinner has become an art form in the Casa de Ogre.

8. Oooh, did I tell you I got to go to the LYS and do a good deed, and get a present and buy stuff, but not spend $$$?

That's right, my friend who has put up with me the longest decided to reward me for good behavior (and super fly knitting skills) with a gift certif to Stitching Memories.

I also did my part to help the Tummies and Totes and Tots program by dropping off food for Loaves and Fishes, that's how I got a present, in the form of a tote. That's right. It was all awesome. Except that the bag may have been made out of recycled robot asses. Lime green recycled robot asses. It's in the garage airing out.

I also picked up some, uh, stuff (not yarn, surely not more yarn), and the new Debbie Stoller-Son of a Stitch n' Bitch... ah, full of Bitch, the way I like it.


kristinknits said...

Awesome! Do you know how much I heart Coca-cola? Fer realsies! New Coke sucked ass!

Kristina B said...

Cool acquisitions. :-) and great answers to the meme, of course.

But on the Debbie Stoller book: I'm reminded of a conversation I had in the work elevator (the one which breaks all the time) with a fellow (female) smoker - I don't know her name or where she works, we just smoke together...

ME: you'd think that if they can put men in space they could figure out how to run an elevator.

HER: When they put the first man in space, I used to say "If they can put one there, why can't they just send them all?".


Carina said...

Mmm. Real Coke. Did you know that, in the Dominican, they even have real Pepsi and real 7-Up and Squirt? I hadn't realized how much they changed Pepsi until I had one there. Like being a kid again.

Anonymous said...

Real coke and only real coke. My husband said almost the same thing Kristin said when describing new coke to our children. "It tasted like ass"

Tracy :)