Thursday, October 18, 2007

Zombie Prom Date Knitters, Cure for What Ails you

It seems to me that maybe, just maybe, the giving up of Diet Coke was a bad idea. Possibly mixing that with Pig 3's recovery from the Tonsilectomy, having Krispy Kreme Donuts for dinner, starting a new job and it being Michigan State Grange week aren't adding to that being a good idea.

But, keeping Thursday sacred, and meeting up with Zombie Prom Date Knitters, that was the best idea I've had all week. What was the gang working on?

Gosh, now would be the time to think up rocking cool aka names, but with the lack of cafeine, the verge of sugar barf and the high pitch squeel of Pigs, I'm having some trouble with that. So, no names for now.

1. Poems/Noro bag being finished.
2. Sock being started. No idea if it was a starter or a mater.
3. Scarf in Amaizing Black. Dishcloth pattern. Very mysterious.
4. Baby Kimono

You figure that out. Or work up the courage to chat with us at the next Zombie Prom Date Knitters gathering.

One brave soul, no actually two brave souls spoke to us today. One asked for a size 7 needle, then was kind of scared and left. We compared her request to begging for a tampon. The next person was new to the area, had a teeeny baby, and was looking for a knit crew.

She was warned of the cursing and inappropriate behaviour and wasn't frightened, so we may have a new member, again, actually two. The baby better carry it's knit weight though, or it's out.

Also, we may have a real artist making a logo for Zombie Prom Date Knitters' swag! Big Thank You to Shelley for seeking out local talent and using all her punk rock charm to lure her in!

As for the matching tattoos, I think Raven will be our artist for that. We will have to set up a date that will work with all of our schedules. I wonder if Raven will work with infants? Again, the baby may be cramping out style.

Looks like no zombie patrolling tonight. We're going to be watching out for tornados. The dog is on full evil weather alert. Which means he's moved from his normal bed in the kitchen to the farthest corner from the window in the basement.


Kristina B said...

And just when I wanted to drop by for next week's Zombie knitfest... now I'm scared! ;-)

May I ask: why give up Diet Coke? In my world, a very bad idea indeed... and not only the zombies but all the coworkers, JJ, and the next person who shoves me on the bus would have to beware if I did so, especially when cutting back on the smokes as now!!

And - cutting back on Diet Coke combined with Krispy Kremes for dinner... well, upon second thought sounds like something I would do (minus the cutting back of the DC).

dee's brother said...

How was the weather last night? I read this morning Michigan had some nasty storms....did the B.C. area get hammered? A complete detailed update would be nice ;)