Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Zombie Prom Date Knitter Update or Stop Fretting!

As you may have heard, I have taken a paying job.

Yes, yes, knitting for charity and zombie slaying is rewarding, but the pay stinks. I mean I could go through the pockets of the zombies for spare cash, but I'm in it for the glory of saving the human race, and really, ewwww, that's gross. Besides, what would the Ogre say if he heard I was a zombie pickpocket, it's against The Code.

So, yes, I will be working for actual currency that will be quickly transformed into useful things like:

Options Harmony Wooden Interchangeable Knitting Needles from Knitpicks
Not only are they pretty, go with the needle set I have, but great in a pinch if you run into Vampires.

I've also got my eye on this Beauty.

Look! It comes with it's own cute little purse!

Zombie Prom Date Knitters, Fret Not! We will always go dancing!
Thursday 1-3:15 ish

Water Street Coffee Joint
-Oakwood Plaza Location (back room by the annoyed guy studying)
3037 Oakland Drive
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008
(269) 488-0018

We have jump kick training and baby item knitting to work on this Thursday. I'm bring some how to knit books if anyone wants to learn.

I've also got a small library of knitting books if you are considering buying a book but want to check it out before you do. No, I'm not saying you can copy a pattern and break copyright stuff. No, way jerky. I'm saying don't judge a book by it's cover.

I held out buying the Mason-Dixon Knitting one forever because I thought the cover was stupid, but I loooove the inside. Simple solution, I bought the book and ripped the paper cover off (which I recycled.)

As for jump kicks, I've been working on those too. I will make an ass of myself if need be.

Oh, back to the job. It's like on-call, less than 24 hours in a 2 week period and will totally not disrupt Zombie Prom Date Knitters. Plus, it's not like I even clean the house, so it won't mess up anything around there either. It may cut into my Kalamazoo County bakery sampling project I have going on, but I think I can fit that into my busy schedule. I still haven't been to Knibbes Bakery. Any good?

OOOOHHH CRAP!!! I just checked my planner. I will not be available for the October 11th meeting of Zombie Prom Date Knitters! After that great big lead up, I have this shocking news, but I promise, it's totally not employment related. Pig 3 has his tonsillectomy that day. Why always tonsillectomy? It sounds less mean than another word I could use, plus, the other Pigs have a hard time saying it, so they aren't teasing him about the procedure. Which means, it's hard to chant.

You're having a tonsillectomy, you're having a tonsillectomy, you're having a tonsillectomy...

It just doesn't have that taunting flow.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. My daughter works in a local lab. Wonder if it's the same one?

I was all bummed about your "bringin the books if someone wants to learn" sentence because I will be saving lives and stomping out disease in Minnesota on Thursday. Everyone is freakishly nice here as a side note. Now I see you are organ whacking that day anyway. Good luck, and perhaps another time.

Do you think Water Street would mind if I brought a flask of Baileys for the coffee? Heheh.


Kristina B said...

Congratulations on the paying gig... I guess ;-).

And - stay off the Knitpicks site until you get your first paycheque!!! LOL