Thursday, October 25, 2007

Why Team B is Good at Restaurants, plus Stash

Sometimes the Ogre and Team B complain about dinner, and well, this is why...

If it's not a casserole, it's crap. Or actually, if it's got actual instructions to follow, or can't be left in a crock pot, it's going to burn. I have never gotten this to turn out. I hear it's good. It's acorn squash with stuffing and sausage. Sometimes it's under done, sometimes it's burnt. I actually managed both this last time. Nice!

This, is my current yarn organization process, also known as 'wow, the Ogre is starting to notice I have this, and I can't make it to the bathroom at night without tripping, it's time to organize."

It's a total lie!!! I don't want to organize!!! Look at all the pretty orangey-pink stuff from Lora!
She thought it was ugly, and I think it's heaven! I'm thinking super skinny extra long scarf to take full advantage of it's awesomeness!

I was looking in the stash to find something to trade. I promised to do this like a week ago, but it's hard to find the just right thing. She also added in the pretty flower fabric and a pattern for a knitting bag since she doesn't sew...Ogre does!

Sorry Lora, you can't have my new Dream in Colors yarn. It's for the next baby sweater I have to knit. Blah. I realized yesterday while looking at Pig 3, who is 3 years old, that I was pregnant with him when Pig 1 was 3, which means there was also a baby Pig 2!

HELLO? Brain? Crazy? Can you even believe that? That's a whole lot of babies. That's a whole lot of diapers. Anyway. Good luck to you friends having babies. I will see you in about 2.5 years, because that's when they put your brain back in. Right now, the Stork has it. Hey, is the Stork a zombie?

Notre Dame Superwash colors. Trust me, it's not for a U of M hat, the blue is too dark in real life. It's the flash. I am working on the list! Don't's on the way. I'm not saying it's going to be in superwash either, I'm just saying I happen to have yarn in my house to make a hat in Notre Dame colors. Not that I will, or that I would, but I could.


Carina said...

Our stuffed squash didn't turn out right, either. Humph. Must be the weather. ;-)

Nice stash, too.

Kristina B said...

I won't comment on the casserole. (aside from to say that I really want to attend your prom dates in order to bring some awesome greek food. Just ask the co-workers - they love my food!!)

The yarn looks great however.

And Holly, thanks for ringer duties on the MDK KAL. I'm still laughing. How inspired - and I will return the favour anytime...