Thursday, October 25, 2007

Who is a Super Awesome Rock Star?

This Kris Carr she's the super awesome Rock Star...sure you all watch Oprah. I heard about her from my Dad. Bugger off.


Anonymous said...

Since I couldn't find any reruns of "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila" last night, I randomly watched about 45 mins of "Crazy Sexy Cancer." Amazing lady, that Kris Carr.


Anonymous said...

Kris reminds me of you and all the strong courageous women that read your blog and meet their life's challenges with humor, ingenuity and determination. What a wonderful generation coming up!

Kristina B said...

What a nice message from your Dad! (I take it that's Holly's dad, anyway).

Haven't seen Kris Carr... if it's actually made it to Canada I will most certainly check it out, though. And I'm already jealous (although apparently there will be lots of pics of me from my legal conference as the "best dressed" so maybe I can share those, despite the lack of fabulous body.

sarah lou said...

i dvr-ed crazy sexy cancer a while ago and tried to watch it the other night. it cut off half way through. just froze up on a black screen and wouldn't let me fast forward past the snag. :oP need to look into her more.

Carina said...

Where do I get the shirt?

Kristina B said...

Oh - hey all: check out what I just saw - a link on how to make your own candy bars!Chow

Holly Bee said...

cafe press has the t shirts

they're through there.

can someone tell me how to do linky dinks on comments?

yum candy. i have to stop burning dinner first

Kristina B said...

Links on comments: check the blogger help - it is one of the first items that comes up. I'm trying to reproduce the code here but it won't let me because I'm using a fake sample.


(no spaces in between any of the following)

- open triangular bracket <
- a href
- equal sigh
- quotation mark
- the URL you want to link to including http://
- closed quotation mark
- close triangular bracket >
- text for what you want to link to (e.g. brouhahaknits!)
- open triangular bracket <
- /a
- close triangular bracket

e.g. Got Cancer


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