Thursday, October 11, 2007

Where my money will's not yarn!

John Fluevog

3 years ago Earth Shoes

Or good betting money goes on Dr Martin Voodoo 14 eyelet in black or red. Can't decide. Maybe the 20 eyelet, but I'm kinda short.

Now I just need a kicky beret.


Carina said...

Go for the Dr. Martins. Sooo comfy.

Btw, I finally saw the "Pushing Daisies" pilot. Awesome!!!! One of my new faves.

Holly Bee said...

I am not going for comfort here! Coolness and zombie stomping. Plus, which will look best with the beret?

Kristina B said...

Fluevogs!!! You can have both comfort AND stomping. And general coolness. I have two pairs of Fluevog high heels: Lily Darling in black and another funky pair in tan and brown... the best purchases I've ever made. When I win the lottery, I'm going to buy one pair of each they have available...