Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Where do you keep your spare keys? I lock them in houses

Yesterday's adventure!

Owen and I were gathering ye rose buds while ye may, actually we were gathering morning glory seeds to plant along our back fence. We managed to get ourselves completely locked out of the house. Stupid Herrick. Not a little locked out, but completely locked out.

No opened windows, no unlocked garage door, no doggy door, nothing. I was really wishing for that retinal scan yesterday. I was also kind of wishing I had a rock to crap under.

After I sucked it up and decided to admit my stupidity to a neighbor and beg for phone usage, I called the Ogre. Since this spectacular feat of brilliance was done just 3 short days after I locked my house keys into the Ogre's parent's house, the Ogre had no comment for this interview.

Sadly, I had to leave a message at the only other local number I could remember. Damn you memory dial!

Luckily, Alice got the message, and what felt like a couple hours of lawn work later she pulled up in her big truck and saved us. Well, not to let us into the house, but at least to take us over to the Ogre's parent's house. Which was sadly where we were supposed to be.

You see, the Ogre's parents were supposed to move in this weekend, and I was conveniently busy. But their belongings ended up either at the Canadian Border, or held hostage in Grand Rapids over the weekend. Either way, Jackie paid a hostage settlement and we were planning on helping to unpack boxes. Well, as much as a constant talker and well, another constant talker can unpack boxes. No, we can't talk and unpack.

So, moral of story: I need a locksmith to install a retinal scan lock to my own private bathroom, but also to my front door.


Kristina B said...

Moral of the story: don't go gathering seeds in order to garden - unless, of course, you prefer to live in the garden than inside the house! ;-)

Holly Bee said...

Uh, yeah, maybe I should clean the old pig/ogre sty so that the garden doesn't look so tempting!

kristinknits said...

What a day, huh?

Melissa said...

Awful! I agree about those memory dials. I try not to use them.

Holly Bee said...

I really need to do something. Ah! Tattoo phone numbers on my bum!

Kristina B said...

Good idea, Holly. Make sure and tattoo them in reverse, though, so that you can read them in a mirror (in case you're alone when the lockout happens).


Jen said...

After losing his keys (and locking them in one to many running cars) my dad decided to opt for the touch keypad lock - and you should to. This way you don't even need keys - just press your combination and presto! You're in. Or do what we do - put a keypad on your garage and keep spare keys in there.

Holly Bee said...

One step further friend!! Just off the phone with the Ogre...we need a new garage door opener, and we are going to get a key pad door opener...and a key pad lock for the door into the house...for the pigs, for the pigs.

Holly Bee said...

This is the last one from me, I swear.

While in my back yard, I was thinking, 'where's my Tiger Woods endorsed OnStar house when I need it?