Sunday, October 21, 2007

State of Stress, Because I can't Spell Emereerency-updated!


You know all the things that have gone wrong, but the one thing that I have failed to mention is the icing on the cake. The creme de la creme de la poo poo. I lost my wallet.

But it's sort of funny, because I sort of do this annually. Yes, annually, and the week when the Ogre is at his Zombie Slaying Field Training. Nice, eh?

So, no spare house key, because that's in my wallet. No drivers liscence because that's in my wallet.

Oh, don't worry, I've been driving with my passport and my "you need to go renew your licscene, take a test and get a new photo and pay us money" thing. Totally legal I'm sure. As long as I get pulled over by officer likes the Pixies again.

I've been ordering pizza on good credit. Oh, yeah, the pizza place worships the house of Ogre. We may be their best customers.

Oooh, my sweet Ogre is home. And he brought donuts.

Wallet found...near vacuum cleaner. Again, my least likely place to look.


Kristina B said...

I would never be able to find my wallet if it were near the vacuum cleaner... because I seem to have forgotten where the vacuum cleaner is! ;-)

The Ogre brought doughnuts? How very sweet indeed. I'm jealous. ;-)

Carina said...

I would never have thought of looking there. I'm so glad you found it! I'd be frantic.

Yay for Ogre being home, too!

Kristina B said...

PS Holly: you've been tagged. Sorry. It's an easy one though, especially if you don't read. Check out my blog - for some reason the tag post is hiding underneath the other post. I hate blogger.

Mrs. H (aka The Outlaw Jenny Purls) said...

I have a surprise for you. Check my blog and follow da links.

Holly Bee said...

Everyone should go see the Outlaw Jenny Purls blog!!! She's a Podcaster Now!!!