Monday, October 29, 2007

The Semi-Veg Recommends a Butcher

You know, I can't swing a shovel without nearly hitting a knitter these days. Which is cool, because after a long day hunting or knitting, I find myself hungry...

Where does the World's Worst Vegetarian head for snacks? Why I go straight to

Stubby's Smokehouse and Specialty Meats

It's true. Veggie, veggie, veggie, then I buy meat for the Pigs' dinner and I break down and buy a pound of beef jerky. But it's soooo good.

Plus, I found out today that Kelly is not only the most friendly butcher shop person ever, but also a spinner and knitter!!! That's right friends, she's also invited Zombie Prom Date Knitters to take the crazy on the road and set up knit day in the smoke house!! I'm serious!

Ok, back to the beef. I picked up some beef jerky for Thursday's Zombie Prom Date Knitters. Whoever shows up will get to sample the love. The love of knitting and the love of jerky.

Plus, if anyone wants to bring me gifts, I am turning 29 this year. I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. I'm not much into health food, I am into champagne. Plus, if that's not obtainable, yarn, yarn, or mocha, soy, no whip would also be rocker. Or a new shovel.


Kristina B said...

29 - you child!!!

Funnily enough, I'm thinking of turning 39 (again) some four years from now. I passed the point where I could claim 29 around the time they stopped carding me for smokes.

Semi-veg... interesting. I have a coworker who calls himself a "lapsed vegetarian".

There is also a shop near me called the Healthy Butcher which has recently started putting signs in the window saying "We cater to vegans". The vegans at my workplace are sceptical...

Holly Bee said...

Oh, I've been 29 for several years now...

Kristina B said...

I would say "join the club" but funnily enough once I turned 30 I stopped caring... at this point I'm still closer to 35 than 40. Consult me next year and see what I say then... ;-)

If it helps, you don't look a day over 30. ;-)


Mick said...

Ooooh, I can't make it this Thursday, but I do love me some jerky. Could you save me a...slice? Chunk? How does one piece jerky?

Happy birthday!

Shannon said...

Here's the scary thing. I'm turning 21 for the ninth time. Eventually I'll get used to the "ageless beuty" thing...ROTFLMAO!!

Even more frightening is that I would totally be on board about taking the Zombie Knit Date-ers on the road,even to a smokehouse...LOL was great meeting you and everyone else at the coffee joint today. I had such a good time and can't wait to do it again!!!