Monday, October 29, 2007

Put the Birks Away, You Might Get Hurt

Sadly, there comes a time each fall when it's time to trade in the Birks and but on the Boots. At least if you live in Michigan, and you like your toes. I normally pay no head to this shoe changing of the guard and carry on with the sandals year round.

Not this year my friends, not this year.

Because of full moon hang over, or the joy of harvest, pesky werewolves were running amok in my back yard yesterday. In my early morning haste I decided to run them off with in my pink pajamas and bad breath. Knitting needles in hand and sandals on foot, I tore across the deck to defend my yard's honor. You see, werewolf poo is not only exceptionally large, but also exceptionally stinky.

In the sandals, the pink pajamas, not light pink, but burn your eyes from the glare fuchsia 2 piece man style pajamas thank you, I slid off the top of the deck and landed in full swear in the middle of the stairs.

Did this stop me? No! It merely bruised my bum, my shoulder and my pride.

The werewolves? They laughed. They laughed heartily. But if anyone knows how to sew, I've got 3 werewolf skins, I believe it's enough to make a jacket from.

On the knitting front...

Erika's baby's sweater is done. Well, all but the finishing. It needs some buttons.

I've also had a request to make up a couple baby hats. Oooh yes, a commissioned knitter am I. Actually am knitting for love, so I guess I am some sort of yarn whore, but aren't we all?

I was totally going to quick knit one up during the World Series, but instead I decided to wind up some of the yarn for the Tulip Sweater. What I managed to do was look like I dumped a bowl of spaghetti on my lap. I need one of those wickety-wackety wooden yarn holder thingies to help with the ball winding. Or not watch the Red Sox while winding yarn. They are lovely to behold.


Kristina B said...

If you're looking for a werewolf fighting hankie... forget it! Make one yourself!

I like that phrase "landed in full swear". ;-)

And - if you're not taking $$ for your commissions of love, I don't think you can be a "yarn whore" by definition. Send in a research request to me and I can doublecheck, though! I'll be wearing my "lawsuit" (see yesterday's ramble on the blog)...

happy Monday...

Carina said...

I'm getting buttons today, too! How funny is that! I need one for the Tulips sweater (going with button instead of tie--faster for the mommy) and four new ones for my fall coat that is shedding buttons for some reason.

Good job on the werewolves--bet they didn't see that coming after the slip and fall. I hope you didn't hurt yourself--falls can bruise and be sore for days.

Holly Bee said...

KB-Pigs almost didn't get lunches because I was too busy laughing at the "lawsuit!" You are a pip!

Carina-Buttons are madness! Leave open is fastest for mommy! Actually, if you could send it already stained with barf, that would be fastest for mommy.

As for bruising, I look similar to the hunchback of Notre Dame. I'm all limping and leg dragging. Very sexy.

Kristina B said...

Bruising: I heard today from a childless friend of mine in her 50s who is looking after a 7 year old where the parents have gone on an extended holiday for the first time. Apparently there was a meltdown this AM when it came time for the 7 year old to go to school. My friend's comments:

(a) I have bruises to tell the tale; and
(b) man, am I glad I never had kids.