Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pushing Daisies-Time to get my Knit On, not my Saddle

This is what I'm waiting for...

My sweet, sweet Chi McBride on Pushing Daisies.

After a grueling day of looking sassy in a lab coat and talking like a lounge singer, a smoky, late night cabaret lounge singer, I headed home. I was looking forward to a nice relaxing bit of knitting, maybe a cuppa tea.

But no! Things never happen like that around here. You're thinking, "yeah, yeah, genetically altered monkey's blah, blah, turned into zombies, you had to kick some zombie butt."


This is what was in my front lawn when I pull up to my house....


I live in a neighborhood. Ok, make your neigh jokes. But horses are a freaky thing when they are acting like dogs in your front lawn. My shovel is made for zombie parts, not horse droppings.

additional photo added...

The UPS guy drove the horses off to the end of the cul de sac. But since the savage beasts had a taste of the neighbors' shrubbery, they kept coming back.

After the Pigs got home from school, we deemed our block too Dr Doolittle and went out for Pizza and headed for the safety of the mall. We we got home, we were horse free. Plus, there were no zombies, vampires, or horses at the mall. Just idiot girls at Trade Home shoes who didn't want to sell me shoes, and since I lost my voice, I didn't want to sign yelling at her or write her a note. A note just seemed to formal.


Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Holly, dear?

Of course you knew someone would ask. You expected them to ask. Yet there are no comments so I will be the first to ask.

WHY were there horses in your yard?

Holly Bee said...

No, really, I didn't expect anyone to ask! I don't know why there were horses in my front yard!!

I think they were strays.

The UPS guy scared them off...also true. I have a photo of that too.

Tracy said...

I love that you had the camera ready to document the horses. If there were horses in my yard, I guarantee no one would be able to find the camera!

Carina said...

Did no one call Animal Control? That is just so weird. I know whenever our horses got out when I was a kid our neighbors could be counted on to call Animal Control before Mom even got home from work. That was out in the country, too.

I can't imagine why the horses would head to your neighborhood. That's just odd. I wonder where they're from.

Holly Bee said...

No animal control! 911 was called! It was an emergancy! Hungry angry horses were eating the neighbors shrubs.

Why our block? We get farm fresh produce delivered on Weds is my guess!

Kristina B said...

No comment on the horse issue ;-)

Query though: when you talk all day like a lounge singer, do you mean a CANADIAN lounge singer? ;-) I could lend you some authentic smoky voice tips (e.g. wake up in the morning coughing violently for 10-15 minutes or so, while puffing on the first cigarette of the day. Then go to work. The coworkers will all ask you if you have a cold, and maybe you can then go home).