Monday, October 01, 2007

It's So Random, There Should be No Title

Ok, in prep for Pig 3's tonsillectomy it's been whirlwind spend fest. We aren't normally the "spoil the kid" kind of parents either. Normally it's all throw'em out in the back yard, let them get dirty!

I was a little angry about the pee in the tent, because, well, I was in the same tent, but it was still fun, and the Mazda 5 was parked really close by and, well the thunderstorm that blew through took care of most the stench.

But here we have Pig 3 with his creepy skin of a dog. Normally we have hair of the dog, today skin of a dog. He named him Birky. Birky also has a puppy named Birky puppy.

The Ogre also spent Football Day working on the Lovie. It was determined that since the Ogre is the superior seamer (not seamstress, thank you) he would be the one to work on the Lovie. Yeah, yeah, laugh all you want. But if you want curtains, or a Lovie or you're in a dark alley being relentlessly chased by a zombie, you're going to want a big shovel swing Lovie sewing Ogre of your own, so there.

To continue the spoil the kids weekend, we had them stuffed and turned into scarecrows.

While the Ogre took one for the Team (B) and sewed, I worked on the baby sweater that needs to be done by Saturday. Like the jackass that I am, I'm making a Toddler sweater, not a Baby sweater, because, remember, jackass, the baby is not longer a baby, but is several months old now.

I did make a "baby" sweater for said baby, but it went MIA. It may have been gifted to another baby by the Ogre. The Ogre denies this. It may be in a knitting bag in the depths of the closet, the Ogre likes this idea. It may also be "some place safe." Some place safe means...the ultra cool alternate universe where I am goth knit Holly with sweet hair and even sweeter footwear and there is no pollution, and well, there are a lot more zombies but isn't that a good trade off for no pollution?


Anonymous said...

at 11:30 yesterday I thought, "Oh no! I missed the apple picking!" woops...
love you

Kristina B said...

Scarecrow kids - what a concept!

How do you like the Mission Falls? Don't let the zombies get it ;-)


Carina said...

At least the apple picking looks fun. Two lovies--a doggie and a real one--should help with the crankies afterwards.

Oh, and don't go for the Versed in the apple juice. Anna spit much of it back up. The shot's better.

Holly Bee said...

I loooove the Mission Falls! That stuff is great!

Carina picked it up for me at ThreadBear Fiber Arts for a crazy cheap $40 a bag deal this summer. It was supposed to be a Tomato for me. Oh well.