Friday, October 26, 2007

Oh, You Really Missed Out! The Alternate Universe Even Showed Up

Zombie Prom Date Knitters met again at Water Street Coffee Joint Oakland Plaza. This time, as opposed to all other times, things were dull. Ha. No, it's never dull.

At one point, I actually thought "today is the day knitters are getting the boot from the coffee shop."

Look at these boots!!! Hand made in Ecuador and brought to the US to stomp zombies, battle coffee baristas and add to the general air of mystery that surrounds the Zombie Prom Date Knitters.

Speaking of Mystery...

How is it that Alice, a relatively new knitter kicked out such an awesome sweater? Skillz baby, skillz.

Now, for the Alternate Universe part. It was all very trippy. Mick was brave enough to join us! Big shout out to Mick, we've scared off other knitters, and we hope that you come back!

1. A lady yelled at us and told us the knitting shop was 20 feet away and that they had more comfortable couches and better lighting.

Honestly, it's across a parking lot, down some stairs, and then across another parking lot. Which to my mind screams "ZOMBIE ATTACK ZONE!!!" Plus the couches aren't that comfy, the table cloth is from Mary Engelbreit, and the pattern makes me motion sick. It's true. It's really busy.

Besides, they don't have soy mochas at the yarn shop! Plus, I think they frown on swearing in there. Which I need to do. If the Pigs are not around and I have a soy mocha no whip in hand, with knitting near by, and Shelly's making up new last names, I will most probably swear, or laugh until I pee a little. Yes, there was a potty accident friends.

You see, some friends were saying they would never give up their surnames. It was suggested that mixing spouses last names would be a suitable option. When we got to Shelly, her last name starts with an F, and her spouse's has an ukstal part in it. Put it all together and I needed a change of clothes.

With the 3 Pigs, zombie hunting and loss of bladder control due to all the child birthing (practically a midwife) I carry emergency clothes.

2. Random dude standing up and giving a speech about how young ladies don't learn how to crochet any more and how he should send his wife down here to see us.

Then his female associate verbally bitch smacked him with "they're KNITTING Bob"

We're not all that young. We most certainly aren't ladies. Jen shived him in the thigh and I rolled him under a table. The KVCC nursing student gave him a gentle kick and then asked if we could teach her to knit. It was all very weird.

Then we talked to the female associate about how cool knitting is and that life is awesome, that "the children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way, show them all the beauty they possess inside" and it was a great big Whitney Houston sing along and we broke into what looked like a pre choreographed dance, until someone at the front counter paid for their mocha-choco-latte with cash and we all collapsed into a giant pile of yarn and boots and coffee.

It was Just Like Heaven, wait that's the Cure.

Anyway, it was all very awesome. In my mind, it really went like that, except for the me peeing my pants.

Later, I even ditched a Cub Scout training thing, kept the Pig Sitter, and went to grown up dinner with Shelly and her imaginary spouse. Ok, I will believe in him if he believes in me.

We went to Fandango on the recommendation of Jen!!!

Good job Jen! I think you should quit your 200 jobs and become the restaurant reviewer for the newspaper. You rock. Really. Or make that the goal of your blog. We ate at this restaurant, it was, Holly get a Pig sitter and go there too. I would do it because you said so.

Anyway, along with this...

We had the sampler, and drinks, and crab cakes, and dessert, and we snuck into the men's bathroom, and it was very tidy, and we had a lovely time, and I made this modern art piece...
I was actually creeped out by the fish skin, and the bits of other meat that I ate, but was trying to hide my bad go at being veg. Yes, in the shell of an animal that I ate the meat from. I have issues.

But our cute waiter took it away before we really had a chance to do more work with it. I think he was disturbed by what it looked like... I was supposed to crop this photo, but really, I'm also supposed to clean the Pig Sty today. Priorities.


sarah lou said...

um, can i be you when my blog grows up? i heart reading yours.

Carina said...

Oh man, you all had soooo much fun. I wish I could've been there, if just to sit and laugh that hard.

What is it with men telling us what we're doing or sermonizing when we KIP? I've had that happen more than once. Odd.

Mrs. H (aka The Outlaw Jenny Purls) said...

Can you come to my town and go knitting in public with me? Pleeeeeaaaazzzzzze? LOL

Holly Bee said...

Mrs. H-if I happen to be on a whirlwind tour of the country with the Pigs and we are near you, I will totally stop by and we will knit!!!

Kristina B said...

My browser is not letting me see the pics - SOB.

Sounds like way too much fun was had, though - can you inject some of this energy into the Toronto knitting crowd?

Anonymous said...

Mmm FANDANGO! It's only our favorite restaurant ever. Our good friend Jeremy is the manager! Our good friend Kasmin is the bartender! Was Rizzo the cute waiter? (I couldn't see your pic.) I'm pretty sure he's the only boy waiter. :) I'm rambling, sorry.

I fully recommend the mushroom pastry puff. Delish.


Anonymous said...

Um WHAT?!?! ON THE RECOMENDATION OF JEN!?!?! lol I've only been bragging about that place for like forever!!!! How come you never go there with me when I mention it?? lol
okay okay getting a little overprotective with the whole fandango/sister thing. deep breath in ... deep breath out.
no really, I'm glad you had a good time.
ps no offense jen hahaha

Kristina B said...

PS now I see the pics! Great sweater, Alice - rock on!

Fab boots too.

Holly Bee said...

Kat, no, she said to go THAT NIGHT!!! You and Jill always say to go!!! I even said "oh, that's Kat and Jill's fav restaurant! We've gotten them gift certificates from there!"

So, we finally ate at Kat and Jill's favorite restaurant on the night that Jen said we should go there.

Better? A little? I fixed your bag. I made 2 more to sell at Grange...

Beth said...

okay, you MUST come to GR and knit with me in public! I know a great coffee shop that could use a little shaking up, LOL!

Intelligentsia Jr. said...

I've never been molested for knitting at Water Street before! Why is knitting any different from the studying/chatting/networking/canoodling/drug dealing that takes place at coffee shops? (to be fair, the drug dealing has mainly been observed at Fourth Coast)

Any chance some K students can join your Stitch 'N Bitch when we get back from abroad?

Thanks again for the destash ^^

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Holly I love you. :)