Thursday, October 04, 2007

Not a Zombie in Sight, but Lot's of Bags

I have so many plastic shopping bags in my garage that it's time to either

1. Sneak to Wal-Mart and drop them in the recycling bin and risk being spotted at the evil that is Corporate America. Yes, the theme to Mission Impossible does play through my head as I run across the parking lot dragging the three pigs and 1 million plastic bags. (Yes, this is You Tube worthy)

2. Get all crafty and actually incorporate my bags into my knitting. Check out what these people do...

Kathy Casdan of Cleveland, Oh

Yes, that is a knitted dress from shopping bags.

There is also a link on how to make more, uh, useful, everyday items, like bags, from bags, more info on this beauty by MelGiggles at Craftster) and how to make yarn from the pesky bags.

Can someone just get me a subscription to Craft: magazine? That's where I got all this sweet info! I'm tired of both blog stalking them, and stalking Barnes and Noble for it. Thanks.

3. Just throw them into the wind and let the trees catch them.

No!! Really, the bags that I have are like weird backstock. Sadly, they're mostly from the produce delivery I get.

Really, I have been carrying my reusable bags! I love them. I take them to the grocery, I use the scan your own, bag your own aisle. I make the cashiers at Target hate me, which doesn't take much. It's fun!

But now for knitting.

Babies. No, I'm not knitting babies. Darn this plague of babies! Still not knitting babies. Ok, darn me. I swear, after this batch of friends and relatives having babies has passed, I will stock pile 5 baby items. When the stock pile gets below 3 I will replenish stock. I will also rotate stock so the stock will not be lame and stale, but still seem cool, hip and up to date. I will also make sure that said baby stock will be fresh original designs thought up by House of Snot, and not some weak unoriginal barf.

As for the baby stuff being made now, you are so getting weak unoriginal barf.


Kristina B said...

Weak unoriginal knitting barf... hmm. Think I like the snot knit concept a tad better... ;)

There is a shop here called "Fresh Baked Knits". Perhaps you could paraphrase into Fresh Barfed Knits and start up a web business? ;-)

I LOVE that plastic bag dress. I could so see myself wearing it, too. IS that from the Craft website? Unfortunately, the majority of the bags in my house come from the LCBO (the hallowed and all holy Store of Liquors). Pros: best plastic bags you can get, nice and thick (in yarn terms, I would say "bulky" or maybe even "super bulky". Cons: pukey and overly distinctive (to Ontarians, anyway) puce colour. Can one dye plastic bags?

Holly Bee said...

Yes, snot is much better than barf. I agree, that's why when this is done, I swear I will never eat turnips again. I mean I will only knit snot again.

Fresh Barfed Knits, We do a hack job for you. It still sounds dirty.

Rockin' plastic dress! I know! Yes, that too is from Craft! I love them to tears. I weep when I look at all the craft I will never do.

Puce is awesome in it's own special way.

Plastic and dye would probably result in chemical fire. Do not attempt!

Kristina B said...

Given that you're not too bad on puce, I will have to start hoarding the LCBO bags (not difficult in my household given DHs frequent trips to restock on whisky). Last summer they had some pretty blue ones. Too bad I didn't save any of those.

And - yay!!!! Buttons!!!! ;-) I feel that I can now put "Web Consultant" on my resume. Would this be misleading...? hmm.

Holly Bee said...

No! Please don't save bags for me! I don't want yours, I have enough trouble getting rid of mine in an environmentally responsible way. (wow, big words on knit with snot)

If you get to put "web consultant" on your resume, do I get to put "web programmer?" More like web barter.