Friday, October 19, 2007

Not a Blue Ribbon...

Well, I didn't get a blue ribbon. But it would be cool if the Ogre brought me home a case of Pabst.

Nope, I got second prize on the Midnight Tomato. No, I don't know what I lost to. That's right, lost to. Second place is nothing but being the first LOSER. Please don't tell the Pigs I think that, it will break their hearts.

What goes to Red Ribbon winners?


Jackie also got second place on her scarf. I don't know if she ordered herself a pair of boots too. I think she was actually happy, rather than bitter.

Maybe some ice cream. I already ate the Ogre's Birthday candy bar. Give me a break, it's almost my birthday.


Kristina B said...

Those boots are fabulous! Decent consolation prize anyway... wait till you get them, then tell me who the blue ribbon winner is. I'll sort them out and you will get the first prize too.

Quite right to eat the birthday candy bar... when is yours, by the way?

Holly Bee said...

My birthday...Devil's Night!!!

Although according to wiki, it's mostly a "Detroit is a pain in the rump" thing, but I see our bad influence is spreading...

Kristina B said...

No way!!! (on second thought, I should have known, really). Hence, the big zombie slaying credentials!!! My birthday is 16 August, the day Elvis died. A link? ;-)

Carina said...

You lost?! That thing is 100% rigged, and you getting second is the proof. Honestly, that's just plain crazy!! I'd bet that first place didn't include fair isle or anything as difficult as the techniques in your Tomato.

Humph. Put it in the county fair this summer--the knitting in the Calhoun county fair last summer was awful. I'm planning on putting several things in.

Holly Bee said...

No. It's not rigged. It lost to a really awesome crocheted 3 piece baby set. Stupid babies.

Anyway, it's the categories that suck. Apparel? Again, crocheted bikinis vs fair isle sweaters. There's really no breaking down of skill set.

So, I just have to suck it up and do something super ass fancy for next year.

I'm thinking 3 piece adult pant suit with matching bikini, tailored to fit the new Bionic Woman.