Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Job, and Why Zombies are Bad, plus Mini Knitting Book Review

Hey! I found some dress clothes in my closet! They weren't even that wrinkly! I put them on, shook some hands, and got a job! I fit in! I was normal! I even wore my "serious" glasses. Good thing I got 2 pair. Good thing I got a job so I can pay for them.

Check out what was hiding under the dress clothes...Snot Power!

Knitting update.

Books I got at Stitching Memories:

Knitty Gritty Knits seems ok-cool dorky hats, and a bag by Kelley Deal!!!

Jo Sharp KNIT issue 3 after issue 2 I said never again, after brief peek, seems very good

The Best of Interweave Knits after making Alice check it out for me, seems freaking awesome

On to zombies.

Someone asked me, "Holly, why are zombies bad?"

I was like, "really, you need to ask why zombies are bad? This isn't in your genetic code like the words to Beatles songs?"

Soo, here it is

Why zombies are bad...

Well, they are the sworn enemy of The Ogre Family.

They eat brains. That's not good. It's also gross.

Plus they are the reanimated bodies of your loved ones, mostly, that's creepy.

There's also the mindless hunger for brains. Did I mentions the eating brains part? That's bad.

Zombies will mess up a hand knit sweater with absolutely no care to how much love, snot or time went into the making of it. Can you imagine? The beasts.

Zombies are dirty. If they get into your house, they will drag dirt all over the place. Then if you have to eliminate them you will have dirty zombie parts all over your house, and possibly on your yarn. How lame is that? How good is that? Not good. Not good=bad, so therefore zombies are bad.


Kristina B said...

Thanks for the zombie tutorial. Now I'm scared too! ;-)

Very good preppy look you have going there re the job thing, I must say. You will have to make the Back to School vest if this keeps up...!

Best of Interweave Knits = good call. I said I wouldn't buy it but it ended up in my collection, ahem, a day later.

Kristina B said...

oh - PS - best of luck to you and Pig3 tomorrow... he'll get ice cream, anyway ;-)

dee's brother said...

My god...was that an old photo of Abe Lincoln.....or an under arm?

Holly Bee said...

i have been requested to remove the photo of abe lincoln. the ogre says it's gross...

dee's brother said...

The Ogre is wise beyond his years!

kristinknits said...

A new job? For Real? Do tell ...

Holly Bee said...

My new job will be as a fancy Medical Lab Technician. No, not the one that draws the blood.

I will be testing your blood, pee and poo. Actually any body fluid or part you've got, I can either test it, or pass it off to someone else who can. Nice? It pays well.

I look awesome in a lab coat too! Plus I love the smell of rubbing alcohol.

Plus, with my first pay check...Big Black Zombie Stomping Boots!!! Of either the the Dr Martin variety or the John Fluevog. Look it up, you'll cry.

trixie stix said...

Congrats on the job!

I am catchng up after a long absense, so sorry it's late.