Saturday, October 13, 2007

Making Strides, Yeah, Right to the LYS

Here I am at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. The photo was blurry because I was giving myself a breast exam. No, really, I was. Well, that and because I made sure to recharge my camera's battery and then left my battery at home. These were taken on my emergency cell phone camera, which requires me to hold very, very still. I can't do that.

Fellow Save...My Humps, My Humps, My Humps Walkers.

John, Val and Charlie

Hey! That's a member of Team Larese! She's also an Outlaw Knitter! She was doing a cable access chemistry thing, refused to be on camera, and ended up sitting in the control booth knitting! So young, hot, knitty, an Outlaw and a Chemist!!! My gosh and walking for a good cause! She may be the perfect girl.

I was told to watch out for bums while downtown today. Instead, I befriended the only one I spotted. I asked if he wanted some coffee and a donut. He said no, but wondered how much the t shirts were.

I later ended up "getting" a t shirt for him, but he was gone by then. So, I donated it to a restaurant owner downtown who also runs one of those "help you get back on your feet and get you cleaned up for a job" kind of places. So, it went for a good cause.

The walk was really more of a light jog. Jen was doing a Chemistry Kid day at the Museum (or free bathroom place) and needed to hurry up and finish quickly. But our team raised a goodly amount of money for the cause and we really made our Strides heard through out downtown Kalamazoo today.

The lady fighting with the police officer because she was being held at the light while all 7000 of us walked by REALLY knew about our cause. She was not impressed. But someday, her boobs may be impressed with what we did. Everyone has boobs.

Afterwards, some of team Save...My Humps went out for a lovely breakfast. Then maybe because of the fresh air and exercise, and all that good charity work and fun with friends, I decided to reward myself with a trip to the yarn shop.

Ok, ok, we were really talking about how someone's underpants were falling down and we were being loud and suddenly I heard someone call my name.

It was Mary, the owner of Stitching Memories. She probably overheard us and was thinking "what a bunch of asses" and then went "oh, yep, that's Holly, she has a bunch of stuff on hold! And look, she is making an ass of herself" At least I'm easy to spot. Anyway, she hollered and I stopped talking about undies long enough to be reminded about my impending holiday knitting.

What did I get? Waaay too much stuff. Officially way too much. I can't take photos. Because I don't know where my camera battery is. Hey, maybe it's locked into someone's house!

But I got stuff for holiday gifts, and I got...Dream in Colors Tulip pattern and yarn. Yep, Dream in Colors, now available at Stitching Memories. You do the math. It was like a 1 million dollar copy of Interweave Knits Holiday magazine that I picked up today.

Katie, that Tulip sweater is for your baby. You might want to name me BFF, or Fairy Godmother or something. It's going to be wicked sweet.

It was sick and wrong and I sort of feel like I'm going to barf. I walked straight into the house, and just crammed it all into the closet. So, people, stop doing the stuff that leads to you getting knocked up. That's right, I'm asking you to stop drinking beer.


Carina said...

The Tulips cardi is fast, fun, and there's not a whole lot of yarn out there better than Dream in Color. It's really like how I imagine crack is. You are going to love every second of that one.

Holly Bee said...

I'm really excited about it. I saw the box of yarn and decided to go roll in it before even knowing what it was. Then I saw the Dream in Color tags and let out a little screech.

I set off the "Big Dork" alarm with that sound.

Kristina B said...

The same "big dork" sound that issues from me whenever I see something new from Handmaiden? Hmm.