Monday, October 15, 2007

Making a Hat for the Winner, Plus I want a Blue Ribbon!

Big thank you to all of you that donated to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer! But I know what you're really asking yourself "who won the hand knit with snot hat?"

I did the drawing this morning and the winner is...

Evil Pharmaceutical Company Matching Funds!!!

Really, that is who won the drawing. So, I picked another name. Maureen M is the lucky winner of a hand knit with snot hat!!!

Congrats Maureen, and again thank you for donating to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer!!

If you feel left out, remember this is an annual event, and I will be hosting the Donor Hat Raffle again next year.

Now on to Knitting News:

Michigan State Grange starts Wednesday. I have entered my Midnight Tomato from No Sheep for You. The category is "apparel" so my sweater is up against everything from hats to mittens to well, crocheted bikinis. Really.

Jackie is entering a really cool scarf, luckily, there is a late minute separate scarf category so we won't be battling it out for blue ribbon.

Scarf: Pattern a day Calendar
Yarn: Boku

Big news though, I have been knitting like a fiend to complete my Poems/Noro bag to enter into the Accessory category. Yes, I WANT A BLUE RIBBON. Not just a Pabst either.

I've entered like 10 years in a row and I've lost to some serious CRAP. Like nasty crocheted headbands. I swear it's rigged. Really. Everyone's related, I just need to get a relative on the judging panel...Grandpa. No, I will not bow down to their level!! Besides, my Midnight Tomato kicks butt!

Bitter much? Yes, bitter much! I slay zombies, raise 3 Pigs, walk to defeat Breast Cancer and lose in knit-crochet contest to headbands? Come on! They didn't even have an ounce of snot or millimeter of zombie part on them, that's not creative! Ugh. There's always next year.


Anonymous said...

oh! I forgot to tell you! I had a meeting with a lady the other day and she walked in with a Noro bag! And I said, "Did you make that? Is that a Noro bag?" and sounded all sorts of knitting savvy. Her eyes lit up like she had found someone to share the knitting crazy with... but, alas, that's as far as my knitting knowledge took me and she was left disappointed... poor lady, I shouldn't have tricked her like that. :p

Holly Bee said...

You're mean!!!

You could have at least handed her a Knit with Snot for You business card!

Wait! Do I have cards? I really should. I want those moo photo cards like 3 sheeps to the wind has, and I want my photo to be me walking into the Ogre's elbow. That or Pig 3's snot nose!

Carina said...

I hope you win that ribbon this year. If you don't, then we know for sure that it's entirely rigged, and you should complain to the president or something. ;)

dee's brother said...

Any chance of you posting a photo of a crocheted bikinis being modeled by the "new" Bionic Woman?

Holly Bee said...

Really? The Jamie Summers? I like the mean, nasty blonde Bionic woman better! I guess I will give them a call and see if I can get them to model Grange made crocheted bikini's!

Kristina B said...

Hey Holly: good luck on the blue ribbon. If you don't win, I'm good for a very strong letter ending with "govern yourselves accordingly"! ;-) The Midnight Tomato rocks and I think it should win ;-)

Your friend's scarf is lovely as well - best of luck to her!

Heading for the payday trip to the LYS after work today - please wish me luck ;-)


dee's brother said...

I agree...the blonde also plays "Starbuck" in the new Battlestar Galatica series.....

DomesticOverlord said...

I know where you can get a Pabst Blue Ribbon and if you've read my blog today, you probably do too.

Holly Bee said...

Very fancy Domestic Overlord! Kids in Chapel Hill, NC would give cut off their vinyl skirts to get into that place! Very cooler than thou!

Here in Michigan, I think you can get still get PBR ASAP too.