Saturday, October 20, 2007

Knitting things list

Oh, you know I want World Peace, and a finished basement and for Zombies and Vampires to stop, well, being undead and causing a ruckus. That's a given.

But I really meet this Crazy Aunt Purl. She seems fun. She seemed fun even before the book deal. Although the cat fur, bleeh, Pippin would probably eat my eyes when I got back from the visit. Oh, you didn't know I have a cat? Yeah, he's evil. He spends most his time cuddling up by the furnace.

Also, I want to go to Toronto and go on a whirl wind Handmaiden Seasilk Adventure with Brouhaha Knits! That would be expensive and much trouble, but a Diet Coke/Smarties fueled riotous bit of fun!

Oooh, you poor Zombie Prom Date Knitters! Don't fret! I want us to be like the Spice Girls of the Knit World.

Uh huh! Well, with less singing, dancing and boobs, same, well, same international whirlwind, bus and Meatloaf as our bus driver. I guess that was the movie. Come on, you know you want tickets to the reunion tour.

Plus, when we all have our logo Zombie Prom Date Knitter T's, Bags, and other swag, oh, you will want some of that action.

Next on list...I think I want to write an article for InterweaveKnits. You know, the end article "Ravelings" that's usually about your Grandma and you knitting, or how a lady knit through war/divorce/death and it brought her peace/money/love and then you CRY. Yeah, I want to write a funny one. A make you roll on the floor and snot into your yarn funny one.

Was this sweater knit with snot?

Finally, what I'm getting at is this, the smokey lounge singer voice, yeah, that's gone. Now I'm stuck with, I don't know, whooping cough? TB? Ok, ok, it's a stupid cold.

But this happens right after I am forced to get a pre employment TB skin test, that I later find out they are no longer supposed do! I was only supposed to get a blood draw TB test!
Government testing! Conspiracy!

I may also have a fever.


KnittingBlueContent said...

Holly Bee, if you're ever within a 300 mile radius of Crazy Aunt Purl you MUST meet her. She is so sweet and funny.


Funny like you, but with cat hair instead of snot.

AJ Dury

Anonymous said...

I definitely want to go to the Spice Girls Reunion Tour.
Oh and TB?? did you read that article about the stripper that gave 40 people TB?? going to the Vu Holly?? lol

Holly Bee said...

Yes Kat, after selling boy scout popcorn, then going to fall festival and helping the PTA clean up fall festival, I took the Pigs to the Vu to see the TB infected Strippers!!

Really? Strippers and TB!!! If they were somehow involved with the horses or breaking my furnace I would not at all be surprised!!

Carina said...

How did the popcorn go? I hope they sold well.

Um, if you have a fever, shouldn't you take something? Maybe see Dr. Becky?

Kristina B said...

Sending you good TB immune vibes from up here! Good thing that I am am immune, given that I was a stripper. ;-) (but I'm scared of horses, Holly - so you can't blame me for that. Besides, I'm way too old now for that field).

And come to Toronto anytime. If you're serious about a true Handmaiden sea silk adventure, best bring about $1,000 or so, though. It will give m the excuse to check out other LYSs here that I haven't gotten to. ;-)

Should I start buying up all the Smarties now? ;-)

Holly Bee said...

No fever. Will make Dr appt. Just saw own lung. It's pretty!

Cub Scout fun to sell!!!

I knew the TB was local! I wouldn't dream of blaming you!

Yes, buy smarties, s-l-o-w-l-y. I have to save up for adventure!