Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Interweave Knit Holiday Issue, and Kristin Knits

Well, my much sought after and whined over Interweave Knits Holiday, it's ok. Actually I got it after the Making Strides walk, browsed through it and promptly lost it.

Eh, cute boot thingies, noted that they were by Kristin Knits, but not my Kristinknits. I will admit I was momentarily confused. Which I bet other people are too. Yep, type in famous knitters on google, get Knit with Snot for You, see Kristin Knits all over my comments and really think we're something special.


Zombie slaying cousins who specialize in knitwear and love baseball? Duh, that's special.


Kristina B said...

You are most certainly special. Didn't realise that zombie slaying abilities ran in the extended family! ;-)

Is the electrical cord behind you a zombie-slaying tool as well? ;-)

Holly Bee said...

Oh yes. Once you see a zombie, or get chased by a zombie, you pretty much want to learn how to slay a zombie.

The electrical cord has been known to be used in zombie related activities. Most often to trip them up.

kristinknits said...

Yeah - she stole my name and then wrote a book! Now everyone probably thinks I stole her name. Oh well - at least she spells it right.