Monday, October 01, 2007

HandKnits, Popcorn, NFL and Zombies

So I was supposed to help the Ogre's Ogre Dad, Marshall get his blood drawn today, which I technically did do, but I also got a job.

Then I was also supposed to go to a fabric shop and pick something up so the Ogre could finish Pig 3's Lovie, but I didn't, I was looking for my resume. Because although I got the job, I still have to send my info to Human Resources.

Oh, the job? Yeah, turns out, I'm awesome, and there's a shortage of certified Medical Laboratory Technicians who are awesome. Really. If you are an awesome MLT you walk into a building that houses a medical lab and see if you get a job.

Looks like Eddie Bauer is out, I have to save people's lives instead! Plus the pays better, and the shoes are more comfy.

Now, knitting news. Actually weird blog news. My buddy John submitted my post
The NFL Meets Cascade 220 Yarn List to the blog Uni Watch blog and now all these football guys are clicking over to knit with snot. I am sure they are sadly dissappointed that I am not a giant chested cheerleader hottie, but instead your average zombie slaying knitting mother of three. Yeah, it's a whole thing.

As for the baby cardigan that needs to be finished by Saturday...never-gonna-happen. I have like 100 cub scout patches to sew on.

By the way, anyone need some popcorn? You may think you don't need any, but you will need some and if you don't need any now, you will soon, and if you don't need some, you may still get some. How do I know? Because I have a whole Mazda 5 full of popcorn and if someone doesn't buy it relatives can expect it along with their handknit items this year. Or, you pick the lesser of two evils.


lora said...

Congratulations on the new job. It's like the job gods saw you type " I'm a lab tech" and came and clobbered you. Now try re-typing "I AM a giant chested cheerleader hottie" and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

any cheezy popcorn in the mix??? Or kettle corn???
Yahoo for new job!

Holly Bee said...

I AM a giant chested cheerleader hottie who just so happens to have cheezy popcorn, micro kettle corn and a zombie clobbering shovel...

I'm feeling pretty good right now!

I do feel pretty sweet about the job too! On-call means lot's of funny hours, knit time and time and a half. I love working holidays.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new job! :) So, at which lab will you be working? Because, you know, you should totally draw my blood and not hurt me like everybody else does! Please?! I'll huuuuuuuuug yoooooooou! lol


Holly Bee said...

Poor Jilly Bean! I will leave the safe, tidy germ free zone of my lab and come out to the human infected blood drawing station to poke you! But I won't do that for just anyone!

Actually, the ladies who work at my lab are awesome! (look, my lab, I'm not even back yet!)

It's Woodbridge Hills. It's where I send my Dad for his weekly draws. I will be in the back, with Igor.

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes, Woodbridge Hills. They do happen to be my favorite! :)

Kristina B said...

If the popcorn is already popped, I'll take some. Way too lazy to pop it myself... ;-)