Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Good Morning Starshine, Stop Chewing My Foot

zombies...attacking...must...protect the pigs

Sorry, normally they only come out at sunset, but since it's dark for more of the day, they're a lot more, pesky.

Ugh, hold on.

Is it going to rain or something today? Cloudy, overcast all day?

So, the "I'll finish it in a week" top down baby sweater, still not done. I blame enjoyable television. Which reminds me, tonight is Pushing Daisies, so the darn sweater will most likely not get done. Good thing it's toddler size.

Ok, I have to go get my big shovel and do some serious zombie stomping, which makes for a grumpy morning around the Ogre household. I will continue this when the sun is out.


Kristina B said...

Just to let everyone else know, Holly has confirmed it on my blog in writing. She is the VOICE OF EVIL (her words - mine... an evil siren temptress who is causing me loss of sleep, income and possibly a job given that it's 8:17 a.m. and I'm still sitting here blogging).

kristinknits said...

God - you get up early to blog. That's all.

Carina said...

Darn zombies.

Man, we all overslept this morning, too. Our bodies haven't made the switch to fall yet.

Holly Bee said...

Must wake early to fight evil!

Also, must wake early to fight stench! See with the whole job thing I have to get out of the PJs before noon. They frown on jammies and slippers in the lab. Plus I don't want blood stains!

Yes, I may have the voice of evil, but I use it to help save the world. I don't know how that works.

Kristina B said...

First of all, to fight stench in jammies, get a job in a legal aid clinic. There, the days when I don't get the "best dressed" award, I walk in with my jammies and I fit right in. If I wear a skirt, everyone is asking "where are you interviewing today? good luck but don't leave us because you are the only carnivore here and also play music, which makes us happy".

Holly Bee said...

Actually, scrubs do look like jammies, and a lab coat hides lots o' problems...stench really shouldn't be a problem either...I test pee, it covers most other stinks. ummm, yum.

Kristina B said...

PS second of all, I think truly that only the voice of evil will save the world. It only depends upon how "evil" is defined in that context, and really that's all subjective.