Friday, October 12, 2007

Furnace Update...It's Not Normal

Well, what do you think was wrong with my furnace?

Birds, Mice, Critters
or Evil

If your guess was Evil, you were correct!

Now I am pretty sure that zombies do not have the brain power to sabotage my furnace and cause it to not work. I think this mostly because they use brains for a food source. Zombies have never really been known as the criminal master mind type either, also because of the brain eating thing. So, for this once, the zombies are in the clear.

So Rosemary's Baby grew up and became a furnace installer, and he installed my ruddy furnace. I wonder if his dad is proud or thinks he is under achieving. Either way, I was pretty stoked it was just evil and not birds plaguing my furnace.

Added bonus, Marty brought me a soy mocha, with no whip and taught me how to make coffee. He also talked me out of eating a bag of chili cheese Fritos. So, I'm sure both my caffeine receptors and my arteries thank him!

Owen has written two songs, ran a mile, and well, spit about a gallon of amoxicillian around the house. He's feeling pretty rocking. He also has a new voice, and no longer has a perma snot nose. Don't worry, I'll always be knit with snot! There are still 30 fingers and 6 nostrils. You do the math, it gets near the yarn.

As for IK Holiday Issue! It better be good or the new editor can expect a harshly worded letter from me.

Also, thanks for all the words of love and sweet thoughts of yarn, love, mochas and junk food. Rock on friends, Rock on.

As for me. I may look like one of the living dead, so if you see me tomorrow, please don't hit me with a shovel. Where will you see me?

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer!

Oh, yes friends, I have dark circles, I've had no sleep, Pig 3 surgery stress/worry, a furnace plagued by evil (I did finally shower), but I'm going to go fight Cancer.

Yes, I get that I won't be actually fighting someone named Cancer. Which is cool, because I think they'd kick my heinie at this point. So, thanks to all who donated! I will walk, I will take photos, I will do something stupid! Again, I have to do good deeds to counteract being foolish so I have to go. Any last minute donations...hit the link to Making Strides.

I will do the drawing for the homemade knit hat and contact the knitter tomorrow. Oh, yeah, all donors are entered into a drawing for a knit with snot hat. Gross, uh, nice, right.

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Kristina B said...

Good luck with the fight!

Your evil furnace problem must be related to my evil "live in an old building where the heating system makes loud clanging noises the first week it is turned on" issue. At least I get to write strong letters to the landlord bitching at them to REPLACE IT. Which is a no win situation because if they did I'd be living in a construction zone for a year and then git hit with a huge rent increase. SIGH. Feudalism is alive and well...

Holly, check out my (rather bogus) review of the IK Holiday edition if you'd like. I posted it today along with a really gross knitting project....and I mean GROSS.