Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Craft Magazine Rules, plus Werewolf Worries

Ok, craft magazine really is my favorite magazine :)

That's all.

Except for all you Outlaw Knitters out there...I knit at both swim lessons (again, Pig, not mine) and then at Cub Scouts.

Plus on the way back to the car from the Scout meeting thing Pig 1 asked "what time do you think the werewolves come out, I know they get done at midnight, but do you think they will be out right now?"

Oh, yes, tears did well up in my eyes, my little Pig is well on his way to being a little Ogre.


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud...

Kristina B said...

Cool link! and good on you for knitting at the swimming lessons. I'm such a klutz I'd probably drop the UFO into the pool and destroy it (what effect would chlorine have on handmaiden, anyway? SIGH).

Holly Bee said...

Ah, GrandDad! Still diggin' the kung pow chicken?