Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Are You Ready for More Cascade and Team Sports?

Look at the Blue, the lovely, lovely blue...
Ok, I have the ability to see out of both eyes and I was thinking "gee, this is really cool! But what could I do to go blind in one eye again?"

1. Laceweight project, size 000 needles, black yarn!
Ah, I'd never wear the finished project, it would take me forever, and I've pretty much already quit before I've started

2. Pointy pencil.
There are no pointy pencils in our house. Trust me, I look on a daily basis. Never a pointy pencil. I used them all when we had the pet mice.

3. BB gun.
As a certain small town knows, I'm a great shot with a BB gun. My eyes have nothing to fear. The neighbors' eyes yes, my eyes, no.


Number 4 is the clear choice. Even a zombie could get this one right, it's a no brainer. Or a spare brainer.
Sadly, the Ogre and I are at a bit of a shovel clanging throw down over what teams we should tackle (hehe) next.

I'm thinking college teams, and do it by conference.
He was thinking the other professional sports teams, like NHL, NBA, etc, etc, etc.

Or, I could finish up NFL by doing the promised superwash, which is actually halfway done.

Gee, I think I answered my own question, but after that, what do you want? Most votes win.


Carina said...

Division I NCAA!!! Whooo!

Kristina B said...

Um, er... the Toronto FC soccer club? (don't know what colours, as I heard they're so lame I haven't bothered to check out a game) Or Olympiakos team in Athens (red/white)?

I'm such an uncool loser.

Love the cascade, though!

Holly Bee said...

Oooh, the votes are coming in!!

Kristina, since your votes are little, I will help you out...

Olympiakos red 1921 white 871 cascade superwash.

That's from memory, so I will have to double check next time I am in at the LYS.

I'll look into the Soccer Team!

Carina, ah, my faithful friend! Thanks for the college vote!

Kristina B said...

Funnily enough, Toronto FC is red and white as well.
Toronto FC

So is the Canadian Flag.

I'm just so patriotic!!

sarah lou said...

yeah, um, i got with college... start with the MAC... i wanna know how to knit something that will pay homage to my lovely golden flashes. :D