Monday, October 08, 2007

Appalachain Trail Party or Mel Returns or Sunday

My Uncle Mel, the one on the right, spent the summer hiking the Appalachian Trail. Since it's a long, long trail, he just got back. His lovely wife Jeanne, had a party, with food, lot's of food, because when your hiking the trail, the thing you miss most is food. I managed to score an invite to this shindig because I promised to be on my best behavior, to bring an ice cream cake, and a limited number of pigs.

Marty on the left grew his beard out to sport the mountain man vibe, while Mel the actual Hiker shaved the ticks out of his mighty beard. Check him while hiking!

Here is Pig 2 cleaning out the remains of the ice cream dish. It's a recyclable container, it has to be clean or mice will get in the garage. Using water is wasting water. Ask a hippie.

Why are these people smiling? The slide show is over! No, the slides were cool. It was really cool because the guests were gone and this was the private showing and we (I) could ask the question everyone was dying to know "where do you crap while on the trail?"

Answer: Under a rock.

So, while camping, don't lift up rocks.

Hey Kristin! How are the Red Sox doing today? Are they winning? Are they gonna go all the way?


Children should do dishes and not be heard.

I had not made a big enough ass of myself yet, and was asked something about chewing my toenails and then was told that I would not be able to. I of course took this as a challenge. I can. Although certain other people can while standing up. I have to sit down to chew my toes.

Really, Kristin, do you like baseball? Why is that man licking your noggin? Fenway Park, ah yeah!

This, what's happening here? Well, we got an emergency zombie call, and Grandma was all "No way, I have slayed more zombies in my time than the two of you put together!" Matt and Mel got all snippy and were like, "but it's your turn," and were whining and moaning. Matt was saying he didn't want brains on his white shirt, Mel said he just got back from hiking.

While this was happening, one of the faithful Zombie Prom Date Knitters hopped on her trusty steed and zoomed away to save the world from being over run by the evil undead.


Anonymous said...

oh, so that's why I haven't seen him at Panera in awhile lol

kristinknits said...

"Although certain other people can while standing up." YEP! Pretty proud about that.

This post ROCKS! Seriously ... cracking me up. I love the cake container cleaning. BEST!

I did some research - the Red Sox do ROCK and they sweep. THe Green Monstah!!!!!!!! OK - you need to do some baseball team knitting colors to become even more famous.

Holly Bee said...

Heehee! Thank you, thank you!

As soon as we got through the door and the pigs were being marched to the tub I asked the Ogre "what's up with the Red Sox?"

He said "They are the best team ever," in that special way that he has. I was like ROCK ON!

He also laughed at what I called the Green Monster. I had the color right...

I will work on baseball after I work on superwash and then college teams. Again, blind in one eye. I'm like Odin!

Carina said...

And we were just watching Cleveland lose and doing my paper. *sigh* You had a much more fun day. ;)

Kristina B said...

"Using water is wasting water"... wish I had had that phrase to hand this morning when J suggested I take a shower. My answer "It's a long weekend and I'm not going anywhere". I ended up taking a shower ;-)

Sounds like fun was had by all. I have some dishes up here from last night's feast which could use the "hippie treatment". LOL

Anonymous said...

I love your pigs! They seriously helped with the dishes, although, according to the grandmother, they should have been using HOT water, not cold. Cyrus, the middle little pig kept saying how much he loved to do "water washing" (as opposed to air washing?) Then the oldest pig joined in, and then there were two "water washers".
A good time was had by all.
Great Aunt Jeanne

Jen said...

Your family is the coolest.

Holly Bee said...

Heeheehee! That's just because I gave them all icecream cake from bella creamery on shaver road! really livens up the party! you should try it!