Friday, October 05, 2007

Wish You Were Here!

After one week, and already Zombie Prom Date Knitters gained a new member, Hey Alice!, and toned down our loud, evil zombie slaying ways.

See, knitting, knitting, thinking, knitting.

Oh, man, what is up with Zombie Prom Date Knitters!!!

They were all counting! After a brief moment of quiet knitting, all of us with tattoos in modest places whipped them out!

Haha! Loud, inked and slaying zombies! That's what Zombie Prom Date Knitters is all about! There was also some chat about how different types of monkeys swim, sisters going off to have babies (ok, baby singular-keep us posted Jen!!), hookers, crack heads, tourists, cheetos, spinning, carrot cake and organic farming, composted manure and cooking.

With all this we did manage to scare off the same studying guy from last week. He may have swore something choice from Four Weddings and a Funeral on his way out, but that may have just been me.

There were also gifts exchanged, yarn, zombie shovels, earrings, magazines. It's like our own zombiefreecycle community (for real (us) freecycle info click here I can get canadian info if you're interested.)

So, dear Shelley sent some of us home with some veggi-jerky. Interestingly and trickily tasting mostly like beef jerky. This sort of freaks me, because I just started eating loads of beef jerky after like 3 years of not eating beef.

My brain is all I know it's not beef, but it sort of is right, this isn't beef, right? ARE YOU TRYING TO FOOL ME WITH STUPID VEGGIES DRESSED UP LIKE BEEF AGAIN??? Then my poor confused brain goes all Smeagol "is it moist, is it sweet, can we suck the meat from the bones, ah, preciousssssss."

I was also complaining that Avalon Farms Homegrown had not delivered any of the purple cauliflower to us yet this year. So, Shelley was kind enough to give me one of those too during the Zombie Prom Date Knitters Swap Meet Love Fest October 07.

Sadly, I didn't realize vegetables too can become reanimated by the Z virus. When I got home and was preparing to make my almost famous (also sometime edible) Purple Cauliflower Cheese Soup, I was brutally attacked...

I wrestled with that darn thing for probably half an hour. I finally managed to fling it into the laundry room and run out to the garage. No, I didn't hide from a veggie in the garage until the Ogre got home! I am a card carrying Zombie Slayer, I can handle myself against a stupid cauliflower. I just went out and got the shovel.

Viola! Or, actually Violetta!

It really was a lot better looking in person. It was more pink and less, well, chum bucket color.

Knitting? I already talked about knitting. Alright. The baby sweater has one short sleeve. Do babies really need two sleeves?


Anonymous said...

I wanna come, but I don't knit! Would studying guy be offended by the sweet sweet whirr of a traveling sewing machine?? lol
mmmm mauve cheese soup.

Holly Bee said...

Bring the sewing machine!!

There's a plug. Half of sewing is cutting and swearing!!

Loads of soup here my friend, loads of pink chum soup!

Carina said...

I'd give you the yellow ones. Those smell worse, and I can't get the kids to eat them.

I'm thinking of casserole tonight with purple broccoli. *evil laugh*

Holly Bee said...

Carina, you are just waaay to nice to your kids! I mean first, you call them kids. But you let them eat what they want? No, we torture them with yucky stuff here at the house of snot! Builds character.

Kristina B said...

I think an asymmetrical baby sweater would work quite well, actually. You could sell it to the stars and make millions.