Monday, September 24, 2007

WMU, Oh, They Won Too!

Yes, there are a million photos. No, I won't use a slide show. Why? Many reasons. For starters, I have too many stories to tell about each exciting photo. Like this one:

Ogre with Meatwad
But what kind of "meat" is that? Surely it's not cow. Of course not! It's zombie! All sorts of wiggling, wriggling, zombie parts were pushed through the meat grinder to make this 4 lb wad of meat for the Ogre's Sloppy Josephs.
Why Sloppy Josephs? They had gourmet mustard in the zombie meat. (For those worried about zombie infection, cooking kills the Z virus, and what's a little cannibalism between friends.)

Me, in the afternoon, without a shower and attempting to cook. Yes, I know, not a pretty sight. Like the love of my life he is, as soon as I put the cupcakes in the oven the Ogre said "what's the burning smell? It reminds me of the Great Battle of 1997, all burning and plastic, your cupcakes are on fire."
Yeah, the neighbors were burning leaves, my cupcakes were FINE. Better than fine, they weren't even poison. Although Grandpa did end up in the hospital, but that was due to a possible YMCA induced broken rib, and we think John may have been the culprit.

Team Larese, doing what Team Larese does. I don't know what that is, but I was trying to fit in. Since I am not a Larese, and I am a member of Team B, it didn't work. I also think I don't have, well, certain things required to make me a member of Team Larese...
Perv. No, secret bottle opener shoes! I wonder if she can take those on airplanes...
Back of the car bar. Wow, is that thing street legal?

You see here the Ogre and Marshall, the Ogre's Ogre Father. They are standing next to a normal size human. Notice how close to the sun the Ogres' heads are.

This is my cooler. See those pretty things in there. Those are jello shots. My good buddies Dick and Sandy brought them special because I begged them to. Boy, did they do them up. Each color was a different flavor vodka. Good Times.
For the record, I used to be a Big Girl. Ask PK, she will gladly tell you...PK is my Mom, she won't lie.

Me, knitting with a jellow shot. Look to the left and note my beloved cooler is near by. Again, thank you Sandy!

This photo is mostly for Kristina. This is resting at tailgating. Other people are running around with footballs and playing beanbag games and figuring out how to sneak things into the game. Other were drinking and resting in lawn chairs in a parking lot. It's a weird thing.
Most tailgating is more crowded than this, but we are sort of a weird antisocial chemistry nerd knitting crowd. I think we had an engineer and an accountant thrown in.
Sorry Dee's Brother, I lost my title of Biggest Jack Ass this year. The Tiara went to John. He was making Lemon Drops out of the back of a giant man truck, putting them into glass Martini glasses, and then crying like a baby over beef jerky. Is this football or a knitting group?

I think it's a knitting group! Look at this awesome alpaca beer cozy my new friend Beth is holding up! Not only is Beth super fun, but she trusted me, ME!, to lead her out of the parking lot and to the nearest restroom. That's true friendship.

Grandpa abuse. You see that shadow? That's a zombie. We were using Grandpa as bait. He held the beer, attracted the zombie, and then I took care of the zombie with my travel shovel.

Oh, Mighty Sandy Maker of Jello Shots, Owner of Sweet Vera Bradley Swag! Look at that bag. She could have fit 1 million jello shots in there, but she didn't. They were all in the Ogre's hat...he didn't know.
Turns out, Waldo Stadium doesn't care.

Apparently, something footbally was happening. Beth didn't notice either, we were laughing about something else.

Knitting at the game made for the best game ever! I was only mildly heckled, and I realized I could take them, I did have 2 pointy sticks after all.
Plus, after the 1 quarter they were all "could you hurry up and make that into a scarf, I'm cold." I said "knit your own hat." They didn't get it.
Actually, I was nice, and I talked to them, and it was all fun and cool and I spread the glory that is knitting and they will probably become world famous knitwear designers and they will say
"I owe it all to this one random chick I saw knitting at a WMU football game."
That's all I need. Oh, you know that's crap. I would hunt them down and quote something meaningful from Point Break or Hot Fuzz and they wouldn't get it and I will still feel crap.

Dee P. on the left, then Team Larese. Dee, the Official Organizer of this event may be thinking "why do I put myself through this every year?" Or, she may be blocking herself from the lady who was picking her nose through the whole game.

Game notes:

WMU wore gold pants, which I like better than white, you don't see their junk

The other team wore blue, and was from the East, the Mascot was a horned blue item "horny blue devil" "horny blue fairy"

3 down Team Larese shook their keys

The band was really fun

It was high school band visit weekend

70's music was played, Village People and Queen can be done well by the band

The batton girls need work, or should keep the construction helmets, or give constrution helmets to the band people near them

Tuba players should not be encouraged to shake their groove things in anyones general direction

The band is safer than football

Western Michigan 51

Central Connecticut State 14


Carina said...

Go band! Oh, and just expect that sort of behavior from tuba players. I should know--I'm married to one. *sigh* Weirdos all of them.

We're thinking of going to the Akron game in two weeks. We're not as good at tailgating, and I've been known to yell loud enough to be heard by the players on the field, but I really want to go and heckle the people from Ohio. :) You might not want to sit with me, though. I learned to yell from my former cheerleader-NFL player's daughter stepmom. *blush*

Holly Bee said...

Wow Carina! Tuba player husband, some sort of cheerleader/nfl player name dropping! Look at you go football knitter! And you say you can't tailgate?!

dee's brother said...

Sorry I missed the festivities. Did anyone bring as awsome of Chili as I use to? :) The first talegate I've missed in years and thus...Western wins...go figure. Glad to see you got a few pictures of my sister....I have not seen her for a while....It was nice to confirm that I am still the better looking one ;)

Holly Bee said...

No, I think the chili was much better than normal this year...huh, weird, yes, I remember thinking, wow, this is great chili.

dee's brother said...

Bummer...I have been removed as Chili god!

Holly Bee said...

That was just a ploy to get you all sad and make sure you don't miss next year's game!!

dee's brother said...

Good Ploy! I am already in conversations with my boss (wife) about making sure I don't miss next years game!

Carina said...

Nah, I suck at tailgating. For some reason, my stepmom's family never really got into it. They always were too worried about getting to their seats or were working in the concession stand (when my stepbrothers played in high school).

I do know to bring a seat cushion, a blanket, a poncho (just in case), and smuggled food. :)

God, I love football. Just. Plain. Love it!

Kristina B said...

It does look as though fun was had by all... have never tailgated but if I can take my knitting and suck some beer through a straw, am all for it!

Melissa said...

My brother is a tuba player and plays in marching bands. I'll pass along the advice. ;0)
Looks like yall had fun. I can't believe you know 2 ogres. Is it like a huge ogre family? Are your sons ogre-minis!? Ogres-in-training!?
Seriously though, hehe, are they tall too?