Saturday, September 22, 2007

WMU Football Game-Outlaw Style

Ok, so I have like these, uh, friends, the Outlaw Knitters. Besides being a bad influence on me in general, like I need more help there, I am being urged to bring my knitting to new and more annoying places.

So today, besides just taking my knitting to the prefootball game fun, I will be attempting to sneak my knitting past the Ogre and into the sacred halls of The Western Michigan University Football it's self...Waldo Stadium.

Yes, the Ogre is only tolerant of at home knitting. He frowns upon knitting in public (KIP.) Mostly because it distracts from my parenting skills, which are pretty liberal and fun, especially when compared to Ogre style.

Speaking of Ogre style...I have to go sneak my knitting into the sloppyjoe mix before he notices.


Kristina B said...

Has the Orge been to Toronto by himself recently? Oops, I mean Ogre... but I like the way "Orge" looks so I'm leaving it in. If so, perhaps his aversion to KIP has been caused by seeing the scary glint of sunlight hitting Addi Turbo, needles, working on a bizarre colour combo log cabin square on the Bathurst bus!

Holly Bee said...

I can't wait to see my log cabin square...I've been stalking the postal service people waiting for it :( Not here yet, argh.

As for Mr. Ogre, his base line is grumpy, I try to stick to wooden needles to keep the sun from his sensitive eyes.

He says he gets nightmares if I wear tyedye shirts.

Kristina B said...

There are a couple of other wee treats in the log cabin package too, Holly (provided the friendly neighbourhood postie doesn't eat them). ;-) Should be with you by mid next week... if not let me know and I'll harass my postal outlet (which appears to have become my favourite pastime).

Sounds like Mr. O needs to splurge on Transitions lenses. I got them recently (check out my typically long winded ramble here - and it's YOUR fault because you started me on the funky glasses (or in my base, lack thereof) topic. So there.).

The Transitions have, I'm sure, literally saved me life as now while driving I can actually see on sunny days (as opposed to squinting into the glare and wondering which pub I left the latest clip-ons at). Only downside: it takes them about 5 minutes to revert to normal when coming in from outside so the co-workers now all know just how many smoke breaks I take).