Monday, September 17, 2007

What have I been doing with my time?

What have I been doing with my time? You mean besides eating mass amounts of donuts, chocolate croissants and all sorts of bakery and questionable food items that I won't let the Pigs eat because they are "bad food choices?" Oh, yeah, I've been hopping right past the salad and soup line and parking my flab at the bakery and latte line. You go work out spandex crowd, my kids are in school, and my Ogre, is well, an Ogre. Besides, you chase 3 Pigs, and then some zombies and tell me that's not exercise.

Really though. The NFL list was killer on my eyes. I had to get new glasses. I may have to get a new (another?!) haircut to match.

Look, proof that I knit and don't clean. That bag is from Needlecraft and Baby Shop in Battle Creek, Michigan. It closed in like 1981. I blame the name for it's closing, not the lack of knitting, weak name all the way around.

Huh, I like shoes, diet coke, and jackets.

After buying myself new shoes, I felt guilty and cleaned the whole place up. Actually, I found a postcard from when we were at Disney that said "blah, blah, fun, blah, yarn diet, blah, come back with the Pigs." I felt super crap because I bought the new glasses, ooh, I said glasses didn't I. Yeah, I got 2 pair. They were buy one get one free, and PK has glaucoma, so I need 2 pair of glasses and lots of bakery goods, and all that yarn because I could go blind. Right, because PK has glaucoma.

Yes, all that yarn paraphernalia is all tidy and tucked away so that the Ogre can't see it so easily. I am also going to start collecting soda cans on the side of the road for the deposit money. 10 cents adds up. Besides, out of sight out of mind.

I also took the Ogre and Pigs out on the town, and started a serious knitting purge. As in a "look at me, I'm doing all this good work! I'm helping people everywhere!"
Look! I'm growing human heads for transplants! No, it's a gauge swatch for "The List." Which will probably end up being a hat for the Home Grange Bazaar.
Speaking of the Grange Bazaar, here is the Poems bag I have been working on. It's like Kat's Noro bag, but will be stitched together with more snot (read love) the first time.
See, using stash, or hiding. Either way. That's what I have been up to. Ok, that and hanging out at yarn shops, and any eating establishments that sell bakery items. I am systematically going about town doing a taste comparison. So far, McKenzie's is pretty good.


Carina said...

The cleaning is great, and I like the hat. I'm working on hat number three, one for Stephen. I'm doing a Browns hat for the next one. Maybe I should whip out that "There's always next year, Cleveland" chart. ;)

Holly Bee said...

Isn't the cleaning funny? You don't really notice how bad it is until you start moving it around!!!

I love the Browns Knitting Chart title! It's like the "Lions, they're a heartbreak team" is the actually phrase I always say when I say I am a Lions fan. Yes, I know their record this year, and no, I won't say it out loud, or type it!!!

Also, you should just always have a Browns hat a knitting...for all your Browns fans. I think I am going to knit a hat for every NFL team. I have 3 boys, a million relatives, and I am pretty sure they all have heads.

Kristina B said...

I do wish I had taken pics of the living room and spare room before I started cleaning this weekend! However, if I just wait a couple of weeks I can probably post some funky photos on my blog.

And as for empty diet coke boxes and cans - we ARE sisters, Holly. Separated at birth. Knit and don't clean, like bright colours, drink diet coke by the gallon...