Friday, September 14, 2007

Super Suppers, Super Suppers,

No Super Suppers in Canada, but I did get a friendly, and Super Quick, letter back from Super Suppers saying to try out Sensational Suppers in Canada.

It looks like they only have 3 locations. Although my geography is awful, I know that Canada is an ENORMOUS country. So the odds that my favorite colourful knitter, Brouhaha Knits, lives close enough to partake in easy dinners are probably pretty slim. I could bust out a map, but since I am so used to making an ass of my self, why bother.

So, I was thinking, I am running low on Super Suppers and I will either have to start cooking my own patent crappy suppers, or go construct some more Super ones.

Deborah...Deborah? Are you out there? I should probably actually call her and ask her to bring the hooch, and some cheese dip. I promise to bring my own apron (again, they supply them there, but I like my own floral one) and I will make an ass of myself. Yes, I promise to make an ass of myself. I actually can't help it. I have to do good deeds to counter act my foolish behaviour. At least the lady at the food bank thinks I'm really nice.


Carina said...

One of our residency friends swears by that place and loves it to death. I'm tempted, but what about dairy issues? I should just do it once a month or so and whip up several casseroles and such and freeze them.

Oh, and how are the NFL colors working out with Cascade 220? Do they have most of them in that line? Should I end my boycott, too?

Anonymous said...

okay. so I think super suppers would be super fun to do. but one question - How big are the portions? I am so sick of fast food after work at 10pm already!!
Do they do single servings and then I come home and heat it up and not have gross food? Or is it more tricky than that?
much love (lol at first I put mush love - is that like eskimo dog love??? Was I just racist on accident?? crap.),

Holly Bee said...

You decide out of like 20 things which ones you want to make and then you can modify them to be how you want them. Not a lot really have dairy. You should check out the menus.

Oooh, almost all the teams match or are pretty close with the 220. There was a new orange and a cocoa brown I thought you might like for the Browns. The orange was labeled as ####b, like it was special made just for the Browns!

Holly Bee said...

Kat, you were ok with the Eskimo Dog comment because the AKC acknowledges the American Eskimo Dog as an official title of a dog. If you said it about a person, or a pie, then we'd have issues.

As for Super Suppers, you could make 1/2 orders that serve 2-3 people. You can also just stop and pick up preassembled nonfrozen dinners from their fridges.

Should we all make a Super Suppers Date? Let me look at my planner necklace...

Carina said...

Am I the only one who sees the name "Super Suppers" and says it like "Sup-er Grover"? *giggle*

Kristina B said...

Wow - thanks for the big colourful ad! ;-)

No need to have broken out the map, Holly... I am geographically challenged myself and can barely figure out Canada myself. I did check the Sensational Suppers link... they are all, alas, in the Vancouver, British Columbia area which from Toronto where I live is... what comparison can I give...? well, probably the same if you were to pop out to Seattle WA for a quick and easy dinner. A hop, skip and a jump, really. ;-)