Friday, September 14, 2007

Shop at Stitching Memories Because They are Nice

Well, the boycott of Stitching Memories is for sure officially off. They were not only super extra nice to me, but bend over backwards nice to everyone who walked through the door.

Even punk rock crochet boy seeking private lessons to straighten out his edges before snowboard season starts. Apparently he is the go to guy for sweet hats out on the slopes. The Stitching Memories ladies called the Crochet teacher at home and set up a private class for, I believe, that night. It was all smiles and secret handshakes.

I even got to work on my NFL Team colors list with the Cascade color book in the classroom. Someone would stop by to ask if I needed help, or ask if I was blind yet. But it was cool, I got to spread out all my insanity, I mean papers, and just pour through the color samples. Yes, I know, any yarn shop wanting to sell me yarn should do that, but it was so awesome and fun to get a whole room and giant table next to a window to myself.

THEN! Red Lipstick Chick (see I am now friends with her, I have to find out her name, because that sounds mean) helped me with team colors for the Miami Dolphins and a couple other teams I was having trouble with. Teal? Coral? I live in Michigan, those colors are foreign to me.

Now you are all like, ok, where the hell is my NFL Team Colors to Cascade Yarn Chart? Here's the problem. Last night was the Ogre's soccer night, and Pig 1's school Open House. Besides sewing, baking and cooking, I am not so hot with the typing/chart making. Why am I the stay at home Mom again? Anyway, it will take me 1 million years to get the post set up in readable/usable form. So, soon.

As for the Noro Turd Bag, ribbon. I think Kat will be distracted by a ribbon edging. The bag will be too heavy to carry, but whatever.

Oh, I also have been being harassed by the Ogre's DVD Club (he likes to feel like he belongs.) Yesterday I missed the call, because I was hanging out at the yarn shop. So, I called them back at their 1800 number and told them about how much fun I had looking at the yarn. I think I might have to post that one on the Outlaw Knitters site.

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