Tuesday, September 04, 2007

School's In, and I'm Knitting, and not using the Shovel

To be knitting again,
Oh, sweet knitting again
Those dirty Pigs are in school

Hip, hip, hooray

The kitchen is clean,
and all I'll do is sing
and I won't wear a thing

Ok, so it's not quite Human Again from Beauty and the Beast and certainly not Alan Menken/Howard Ashman (or was it Tim Rice?) worthy, but it's all I've got.

So do I have photos to prove the knitting? NO! Because I had to take my lethargic, not eating, not moving, not getting off his bed, coughing, mooing, and crying dog to the vet. I made up my mind and I had made the appointment for him to get the BIG SLEEP.

Right, so I took the dog the to the Vet, and the dog, Berger said "I'M NOT DEAD YET!!!"

Turns out, 9 year old Berger, who is up to date with all his shots and vaccinations, has Bordetella bronchiseptica. Ah, yes, the dreaded kennel cough.

So, keep your stinking dogs away from my house. Between the Strep, and now this, we are like the plauge to both humans and animals.

Anyway, the vet said "today is not Berger's day to die." Feed him table scraps and love him up, that is her professional advice. Also I am to stop swinging my zombie shovel near his head.

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