Friday, September 28, 2007

Potato Sack...The Saga Continues

Pig 3 and I were supposed to do 2 simple things today, and we only managed to get one done. But we did do some sweet stuff on the side. Really sweet stuff. Plus, Sunday is football day, and the Milan Fashion show stuff said the Potato Sack Dress is the new Hot Pants, so this had to be done.

You know how high fashion I am. Uh huh. I use Maple Syrup as a hair styling product, a perfume, and a way to re-encourage the honeybee population. I have more strategically placed snot than even the most burned out looking Hollywood Starlet. Plus, I have an unusually high number of sassy, yet functional shoes.

The two things. Go to Sarah's, drop off a check. Go to Target, pick up stuff like toilet paper. Except on the way to Sarah's house is Field's Fabric and since I try to save trips which save gas and in turn save the world, I had to stop. Plus, they had these huge hypnotic "Holly, everything is on sale" signs.

Save trips, save gas, save money, save the world. I mean really, if RFK Jr was my husband he would have been all "you did the right thing honey." Except I would have been driving a Prius or pedaling a rickshaw to drop the check off.

I ended up spending all my time at Field's. Pig 3 and I both walked out of there with stuff for our own dream projects.

You can think of this as either the loudest table cloth ever, or the loudest potato sack dress ever. Your call. Big thanks to Jen of Zombie Prom Date Knitters for ruining my knitting budget, you're right, that fabric is beautiful and it is stupid expensive. But it's on sale!! Hopefully it will inspire me not to stink it up. Or, I'll call Kat and ask her to sew this up for me. I will not admit defeat. It says "easy-to-sew." It adds "idiot" in small print.

Here is what Pig 3 picked out for his tonsillectomy lovie blanket. Yes, he loves orange as much as I do. Go big or stay home. The surgery place said we could bring a lovie and darn it we are bringing a lovie! It's going to be all Sport Elmo, with Orange Silky, some flannel, maybe some fleece and definitely some Reiki thrown in for good measure. Oh, it's getting done up right.

Now, did we make it to Target? Hell No. Did we make it to Sarah's house? Of course. But sometimes Potato Sacks and Lovies are more important than toilet paper. Plus, didn't that no impact man give up toilet paper? Maybe we should too. Oh, the Ogre will love hearing that.


lora said...

Thanks for turning me on to No Impact Man. I couldn't figure out how he's managing a composting toilet in an apartment, though. BTW, love your fabric. I wish I could sew.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the Ogre will not be happy about the prospects of a toilet paper-free existence.

The Ogre

Kristina B said...

Toilet paper is overrated. Just ask my father (oh no, you can't ask him... he's dead) - who was from the old country in Greece and who in response to perceived overusage of toilet paper in my household of origin put up a nail in the bathroom and stuck newspapers on it and said "this is what we had to use in the old country"... (which of course begs the question ... "well, you're in the new country now so why did you bother coming here to live as though you were in the old country, at greater expense and also risk that your kids would be corrupted by North American influence"?

Sorry for the digression - obviously the toilet paper discussed a nerve. All this to say that I forgot to stop at the Shoppers on the way home and so we will be using the overabundance of paper towels purchased from Costco until tomorrow... ;-)

And I don't even have 3 kids to use as an excuse!

Jen said...

I have a apron in that fabric! I love it! It's going to make a rockin cool dress.

Anonymous said...

fun fabric! I didn't make it to Field's tonight - maybe tomorrow! I need to get on this reupholstering (that can't be the right spelling) soon...those chairs are getting gross.
ps...I'm going to start selling stuff on ebay to benefit Encore, let me know if you have any "charity knitting" you don't know what to do with. lol as if. :)

wendy said...

Oh...I've never heard of Fields. Looks like I'll have lots of new things to look forward to in Michigan.
My father-in-law likes to tell me about his childhood days on the farm and I still haven't been able to look at a corncob since...think toilet paper.

Holly Bee said...

Ah, I like toilet paper!

Old world uses newspaper, huh? Corn cob and heinies, rough? I have a story I don't want to expand on about tin foil.

I like that No Impact Man, he's got the right idea.

As for Field's, they are fun. I just hope I don't ruin my beautiful fabric. I am not the best at sewing. Really, not even good. The Ogre teases me. It's bad when an Ogre teases your sewing skills.